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v23.x The Pixel Farm PFClean

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The Pixel Farm PFClean

Restore, Remaster, Repurpose

The Pixel Farm PFClean makes film and video restoration fast and easy. With speed, flexibility, and an ingenious non-destructive approach to restoration, this solution provides stunning results without compromising quality. It’s no wonder PFClean is the most widely adopted software for film and video restoration – from feature films to documentaries to audiovisual archives, your films are in the best of hands.

We know how important it is for your projects to look their very best. That’s why it’s critical to use a reliable piece of technology like PFClean when you’re handling an old or delicate film in need of restoration. Whether you’re transferring from film or remastering a classic movie, this solution will get the job done on budget and with beautiful results.

Deeply integrated batch processing and media management tools complimented by powerful remastering utilities make PFClean the tool of choice for key industry players such as Sony, Deluxe, Technicolor, The Criterion Collection, IMAX, Pinewood Studios, the BBC, and audiovisual archives including the Estonian, Slovak, and Finnish National Archives.

  User Guide

Commercial Account

Studio or facility? Our centralized company account makes deploying our products across all sizes of studios and facilities a breeze. Access class-leading administration tools through our cloud-based account portal; Such as secure enterprise-grade licensing, commercial billing options, IM-based support for individual operators and license administrators, and studio versions of the application with expanded feature sets for creating and fine-tuning custom workflows – not available in personal products.

Access to the full-fat studio version of PFClean which includes built-in python scripting and command-line control for integrating into your production environment workflows.

Support tools

Our Technical support team will assist you in getting up and running when you need them.  When your teams need help and advice, our experienced User support team will be there to answer their questions via direct in-app support with IM.


Flexible administer your entitlements, from a static (node-locked) individual entitlement on a single machine to groups of dynamic (floating) entitlements over local and wide area networks.

Key The Pixel Farm PFClean Features

The Workflow Manager

The Backbone of your Restoration Project

The Pixel Farm reworked the Workflow Manager. To explain, it allows even bigger projects to be constructed and managed in a flexible. By the same token, the easy-to-use Workflow manager allows for greater feedback and control of batch processing.


The Workbench

Re-invented Media Restoration Toolset for Artists and Archivists

The Pixel Farm replaced the Edit Panel, the heart of PFClean, and the restoration engine, with The Workbench. The Workbench, which is even more powerful in use, makes users more productive. Apply in-depth, per-clip, manual, and automatic restoration effects in The Workbench.

The Telerack

Ultra High-Performance Video Restoration Engine

The Pixel Farm designed PFClean’s Telerack to run optimally on PC workstation hardware.  In addition, Telerack combines a cost-effective, yet feature-packed alternative to expensive hardware video restoration systems. Telerack embodies incredible flexibility in deployment. In fact, The Pixel Farm specifically designed for the end-to-end restoration of tape-based media. Telerack can concurrently digitize, restore, standard convert, and transcode with a single button press. Utilizing smarter algorithms than equivalent hardware systems for better visual results, Telerack delivers fast, automatic, cleanup of tape-based video formats.

Burning Question: The Pixel Farm PFTrack and PFClean TrainingNeed The Pixel Farm PFTrack Training or PFClean Training?

Not only is PFTrack is an innovative 3D tracking tool, but it is also highly regarded in the VFX industry.

Learn about Training options


Learn PFTrack and PFClean for free.

The PFAcademy teaches you everything you need to know to become proficient in using our software. Learn the fundamentals of our software and continue on to earn manufacturer accredited certifications to carry forward into your chosen career path.

Go to the PFAcademy




  • OS: Windows 10, macOS 11+, Centos 7.6+
  • PROCESSOR: Intel / AMD 4 cores
  • GPU: Dedicated GPU, running OpenCL 1.2 or above
  • DISPLAY: Minimum of 1920×1200
  • INTERFACE: 3 button mouse
  • STORAGE: 2GB of available space for installation

Recommended (4K)

  • OS: Windows 10, macOS 11+, Centos 7.6+
  • PROCESSOR: 3.0GHz or more with at least 8 cores
  • MEMORY: 64GB
  • GPU: Dual GPU, running OpenCL 1.2 or above
  • DISPLAY: Dual UHD 3840×2160
  • INTERFACE: 3 button mouse
  • STORAGE: SSD storage device

General Notes


In our products the vast majority of the effects processing etc is carried out on the GPU. The CPU (central processing unit) administers the background operations within the application, therefore when choosing a processor we would recommend a lower core count and faster cores.


In PFTrack It is important to provide enough RAM to perform processing tasks as well as caching a clip you are working on. In addition RAM will also dictate how much footage you can playback, the longer the clip and or higher the resolution the more RAM that will be required to cache the entire clip. The two amounts will need to be added together to give you the total amount of RAM required.


Both PFClean and PFTrack can utilize more than one GPU to obtain some fairly significant performance benefits. In the case of PFClean multiple GPU’s will yield faster effects processing and PFTrack can use a second GPU for background processing.

File Storage

It is recommended to store your project files etc on a fast drive such as an SSD as these are optimised for input / output operations. Especially useful when reading and writing metadata and loading media into your projects as it makes the application more responsive and increases your productivity.



Please note: a direct internet connection is required to install and administer the licenses using the license manager. Otherwise, licenses must be managed manually.

Any license can be deployed as Floating or Node-Locked.

PFClean 23.03.27

This new version of PFClean focuses on performance and productivity. Headline features are the much-improved implementation of OCIO and significant UI improvements to simplify media administration and export. The native build for apple silicon makes the apple hardware the platform of choice for media restoration, and PFClean now takes full advantage of it.


  • Native support for Apple Silicon
  • Added preview slice render functionality to File Out node to quickly preview an export
  • Automatic detection of monitor profiles and import of custom ICC files
  • Reworked industry standard colour managed pipeline using the latest ACES 1.3

Productivity enhancements

  • Added support for OpenColorIO 2.2
  • Improved shot boundary detection algorithm to provide more reliable cut estimates
  • Streamlined Media Admin interface to reduce the number of parameter settings needed for each clip
  • Quicktime HEVC export (MacOS)
  • Improved Cinema rendering performance at high bit depths
  • Upgraded all third-party libraries to the latest versions.
  • Streamlined enterprise-class licensing

User / UI

  • Many UI styling and performance optimisations
  • Documentation is now included in the application installer for ease of access offline

PFClean 22.08.18


  • Improved GPU compute compatibility on Apple M1 chipsets
  • Updated documentation for pen tablet users describing how to get the best compatibility with PFClean

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ProRes export on Apple M1 Max to ensure hardware encoder produces valid files
  • Fixed removal of multi-frame Q/A areas to ensure the temporary RAM cache is refreshed correctly (PFT001077)

PFClean 22.05.20

20 May 2022


  • Improved in-app user support tools

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rendering issue on Apple M1 when using Stabilize effect with rotation, affine or perspective transforms
  • Updated Quicktime export on macOS to ensure colour primaries embedded in a source clip are correctly passed through to the exported clip when not using OpenColorIO (PFT001010)
  • Updated Media Foundation export on Windows to ensure correct bit-rate is used after manually entering a value in the File Export node

PFBucket 22.03.28

28 March 2022


  • Improved token re-sync functionality
  • Better admin support ticket notification checks
  • Updated new panel displaying images and links
  • Updated network requirement for the PFBucket Desktop App on Centos 7 to OpenSSL 1.1

Note: If you haven’t done so already, Centos 7 users should install OpenSSL 1.1 libraries before launching the PFBucket Desktop App. See here for further instructions.

PFClean 22.03.08

8 March 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting OpenColorIO colour transformations during export
  • Other minor UI updates

PFClean 22.02.21

21 February 2022

Bug fix

  • Fixed UI layout issue preventing access to the cut tool

PFClean 22.02.16

16 February 2022


  • Added support for viewing media on external reference displays (only available in new projects)
  • Updated colour management preferences for clip import, displays, and clip export
  • Updated colour management pipeline to better handle different source media profiles in the Remaster node
  • Updated toolbar buttons to better manage preferences, window scaling, and tool panel visibility
  • Improved network connectivity, and updated Linux network connection requirements to OpenSSL 1.1

Note: If you haven’t done so already, Centos 7 users should install OpenSSL 1.1 libraries before runnning this build. See here for further instructions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Clip Overview text display in the Workbench (PFT000857)
  • Fixed export of Media Foundation file formats on Windows 10 to prevent the Unsupported export format message (PFT000954)
  • Fixed multi-threading issue that could cause problems when decoding DPX frames on workstations with a high thread count (PFT000915)
  • Fixed potential crash when running Fix Frame analysis on source media that contains rapid image motion
  • Other minor UI fixes and updates
PFclean Core courses

The Pixel Farm PFClean Core Courses

The Pixel Farm offers Free training for PFClean.  There are 3 core courses consisting of multiple lessons, each with an accompanying test. Learn at your own pace, as and when it suits you. Progress is automatically stored in your PFUser account.

The Pixel Farm PFClean

The Pixel Farm PFClean: Getting Started

In this tutorial you will learn how to perform the initial tasks in any restoration project with PFClean. You will learn how to create a new project, as well as import clips into your project so they can be used with PFClean’s restoration and remastering toolset. Finally, we will view the clips in PFClean.


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