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1.1 Ukramedia Learn After Effects Expressions

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Ukramedia Learn After Effects Expressions
Ukramedia Learn After Effects Expressions

Learn After Effects Expressions 1.1 course from Ukramedia’s co-founder, Sergei Prokhnevskiy includes over 12 hours of AE expressions training, project files, and handy tips and tricks.

Included in this course:

  • Instant Access to over 80 HD Detailed and Fast-Paced Video Lessons!
  • Over 12 hours of Training!
  • On-Screen Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Video Timestamps/Hyperlinks
  • Access to the Private Course Forum
  • BOUNCr Script by Tim Thiessen!
  • Project Files
  • Playback Speed Controls
  • Free Updates for Any Future Releases of This Course!
  • NOTE: This Training Is Streaming Only

What will you learn?

  • Learn After Effects Expressions 1.1 course is heavily focused on the basics of Expressions. Understanding the core of Expressions will give you a very strong foundation to build on. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be great at math and you don’t need to know everything about Expressions in order to be good at them. Just like you don’t need to know everything about a car to be a good driver. You just have to know the basics and for everything else, we have tools and resources to lean on.
  • We’ll start by briefly going over the differences between Expressions and Scripting.
  • We’ll examine different tools and resources inside After Effects that are very helpful when working with Expressions.
  • We’ll go over Expression Controls Effects and how they can be used with Expressions.
  • We’ll share some of our favorite free online resources that you can use as references.
  • Once we are familiar with the tools inside After Effects, we’ll dive deep into the language of Expressions, which is JavaScript. Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. We’ll guide you through the basics of JavaScript to get you up and running.
  • Next, we’re going to apply our newly gained coding knowledge by creating a real-world project. We’ll create a Modular Lower Third with advanced settings completely from scratch. We’ll also learn how to convert it into a Motion Graphics Template to use in Premiere Pro.
  • We’ll wrap everything up by introducing you to more methods and practical examples.
  • By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation on how Expressions work inside After Effects.

What will be included in the future versions?

The future versions of this course will be more topic and project driven. Here is a list of things to come:

  • Animating with Expressions.
  • How to Create a Bouncy Ball Rig.
  • Data-Driven Properties.
  • Path Points Methods.
  • How to Create Modular Line Graph.
  • and more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I start learning?
A: ASAP! You will get instant access to all videos right after purchase.

Q: Is the software included with the course?
A: No, the software is not included with the course. After Effects is the software we’ll be using in this course and you will have to buy it from

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: This course comes with a 30-day money back guaranteed. If you don’t like the course or if it wasn’t what you were expecting, simply email us and we’ll give you the full refund, no questions asked.

Q: Will I always have access to the class or is it just for a limited time?
A: You will always have access to this course after the purchase.

Q: Will I get the whole course right way, or will it be available over a period of time?
A: You will get all available course content right away. However, we will be adding more content in the future and you will also get that once it’s out.

Q: Will I have access to other future versions/release of this course?
A: Once you purchase the course, you will get all future versions and releases of this course.

Q: Can I download this course?
A: We don’t currently offer downloads of the training videos. You must be logged in to your Ukramedia account to access the training videos.



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