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VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D

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VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D
VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D

VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D is a collection of 50 exciting organic Element 3D models for Sci-Fi, VFX, medical & scientific visualization.

The pack includes numerous stylized biomedical 3D models, which include DNA, virus cells, blood cells, neurons, bacteria and other microorganisms. It has everything you need to create stunning organic animations.

New Opportunities For VFX Artists & Motion Designers

The pandemic and a surge of interest in biotechnology has meant there is now a huge demand for VFX and Motion Graphics artists like you to create stylized, scientific/medical 3D content for broadcast and print news media, science documentaries and film.

The biotechnology and life science industry is also expanding at a dizzying pace. Pharmaceutical and future medical technology companies need marketing materials and commercials based around their products.

As a VFX or motion graphics artist this represents a rich opportunity for you to provide these companies with the visual media they are going to need and the VFXER Bio Cell Element 3D pack will help you with that.

vfxer bio cell samples

Huge Time Savings, Easy Drag & Drop

vfxer bio cell drag and drop
Unless you’re one of the rare artists that finds 3D modelling, UVing and texturing complex 3D medical models enjoyable, creating these kind of intricate scientific 3D assets can be frustrating and extremely time consuming.

VFXER Bio Cell gives you a large toolbox of highly detailed 4K resolution Element 3D models ready to go, which you can quickly drag and drop into your Element 3D scene and render instantly. This lets you focus on the fun parts of the creative process such as lighting, animating and composing your 3D scene.

What Can I Create With The VFXER Bio Cell Element 3D Pack?

vfxer bio cell samples

  • Design stunning stylized scientific and medical imagery for news broadcasts, print publications or web.
  • Create cell and molecular visualization for pharmaceutical products & future medical technology.
  • Generate exciting scientific & medical VFX for your next Sci-Fi movie.
  • Make beautiful abstract organic art to sell as prints or NFTs.
  • Create stunning molecular animations for video game trailers.
  • Produce stylized bio medical content for YouTube or science stock footage.
  • Prototype captivating microscopic worlds for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality interactive experiences.

Amazing Value + BONUS Element 3D Models

On most 3D model marketplaces, high quality, textured models such as the ones in the VFXER Bio Cell pack cost around $25-$150 per model due to the time consuming process they take to create.

If you were to buy each model individually at even the low price of $25 each at a 3D marketplace, it would cost a staggering $1250 for 50 models of this quality.

VFXER Bio Cell for Element 3D contains 50+ detailed textured models for just $199.

Limited Time Offer

Get 10 Bonus Element 3D Models

vfxer bio cell bonus models

VFXER Bio Cell For Element 3D only works with Element 3D version 2 and above, as it uses the improved physically based shader system in Element 3D v2.

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