Greyscalegorilla Plus for Houdini opens up our powerful asset library so you can effortlessly infuse your projects with stunning, photorealistic materials, lighting, and 3D assets. Our Material Importer Plugin for Houdini will save you time by assembling PBR textures into fully connected materials.

Precision. Passion. Plus.

Trusted by thousands of 3D artists, Greyscalegorilla Plus brings the ultimate 3D asset library of 4000+ curated materials, models, and HDRIs that you love to create.

greyscalegorilla plus materials

Curated Materials And Textures

Every material we create is curated and sourced by Greyscalegorlla’s in-house design team, then meticulously crafted for Plus members, with a focus on detail and quality. Add realistic finishing touches with Surface Imperfections, Gobos, Bokeh, and more with a simple drag-and-drop.

greyscalegorilla plus hdris

Stunningly Versatile HDRIs

Elevate your lighting with Greyscalegorlla’s curated studio, and indoor and outdoor HDRIs, including the popular Creative Office. Bring your product renders to life with realistic reflections and studio-quality lighting.

greyscalegorilla plus models

A Growing Collection Of 3D Models

Get right to work with our ready-to-use, fully UV’d 3D models. From our unique Doodads to Greyscalegorilla’s professional Broadcast Design models, create stunning 3D content with ease.

No Credits, No Hassle

No Credits, No Hassle

Creativity should be easy. With Plus, you get instant access to all of Greyscalegorilla’s assets for one price. Don’t worry about tracking credits or subscribing to multiple 3D asset providers.

Save Time

Unlock your creativity with Greyscalegorilla Plus: Streamline workflows and say goodbye to endless asset searches. Get instant access to all of Greyscalegorilla’s assets for one price. No credits. No hassle.

Complete Library

Unleash your 3D potential with instant access to 4000+ curated materials, HDRIs, textures, and 3D models created by Greyscalegorlla’s in-house design team. Compatible with Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, Unreal Engine, and all other 3D applications.

Pricing For Every Budget

Save Big with an Annual membership. Instantly Access Greyscalegorlla’s Full Suite of Tools and Stay Ahead with New Releases.

Exclusive C4D Benefits

Gain exclusive access to your library right within Cinema 4D, along with all of Greyscalegorilla’s award-winning plugins like Signal, HDRI Link, and much more!

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Save $324 When You Pay Annually!

Over 4,000 3D assets: materials, textures, models, and HDRIs

Compatible with ALL major 3D applications

All of Greyscalegorlla’s time-saving plugins for Cinema 4D

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