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Greyscalegorilla Plus

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Greyscalegorilla Plus
Greyscalegorilla Plus

Get over $10000 in Pro Training, Materials, and Plugins for $399/year!

Make 3D Make Sense with Greyscalegorilla Plus

Join Plus and download everything you need to start working faster in Cinema 4D. Greyscalegorilla Plus gives you what you need to create beautiful renders in less time. Learn how you can get thousands of dollars worth of Pro Training, Material Collections, and Plugins for just $399 per year.

Learn more in this short video about everything included inside of Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Greyscalegorilla Plus vs. Greyscalegorilla for Teams

What’s the difference between Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla for Teams?

We’ve broken it down for you in an easy-to-understand chart.

Greyscalegorilla Plus is the all-in-one 3D skill-building platform with tools and training compatible with:

Never Sit through another useless slow-paced YouTube Video

Wrestling to bring ideas to life? Losing entire afternoons stuck in the muck of technical issues? Poking around guessing with little time left for creativity?

Edison Bulb

Spend your limited time actually being creative.

With your membership, you get ongoing access to…

Cinema 4D Plugins

All Greyscalegorilla Award-winning, frustration-ending plugins are included in Plus.

GSG Plus C4D Plugins

Pro Training

Gorilla U: Hundreds of jours of On-Demand Cinema 4D Training


Material Collections

Hand-crafted Drag and Drop 3D Materials

GSG Plus Material Collections

New Stuff

New Training, Tutorials, and Tools are added all the time.

GSG Plus New Training

GSG Discord

The #1 place to connect with 3D Professionals. Greyscalegorilla has launched a Discord Server and you’re invited.

GSG Connect

Greyscalegorilla Plus & Teams - What's included

See what you get with your Greyscalegorilla Plus and Teams in a handy list. Further descriptions are below.

Note: These are updated frequently so please check back for updates.




Light Kit ProEveryday Material CollectionGuide to Cinema 4D
Signal 3.0Modern Surface Material CollectionIntro to Arnold
GorillaCamTech ProductsGuide To Redshift
TransformTexture Kit ProGetting Started With Octane
Plus LibraryGorilla Grade LUTsIntro To Houdini
HDRI Link3D Dust ParticulateGuide To X-Particles
HDRI Studio Rig4K Dust ElementsAnimation Fundamentals
TopcoatSurface Imperfections: ScratchesGetting to Know Aces
City KitSurface Imperfections: SmudgesProduct Visualization
Drop ZoneCar Paints Materials CollectionAskGSG Seasons 1-4
Social FrameHDRI Pack - Commercial LocationsTech Lighting 101
AlignHDRI Pack - European HolidayQuick Tips - Find your Hack
Dual Login: Now Use Plus on 2 machines without logging in and out!HDRI Pack - Modern IndustrialIntro To Character Rigging
Animated GobosHDRI Pack - ParadiseStudio Lighting with Light Kit Pro
250 Models NewHDRI Pack - Pro StudiosTopology Crash Course
HDRI Pack - Pro Studios MetalProcedural Systems
HDRI Pack - Road TripIntro To Cinema 4D Training
HDRI Pack - Ultimate SkiesGreyscalegorilla Classics
HDRI Pack - Area Light MapsSignal Training
HDRI Pack - Area Light Maps: Part IIMaking It Look Great 11 - Hard Surface Modelling Tactics for Cinema 4D
HDRI Pack - SpaceR25 Training with Andy Needham
Metal Material Collection Volume 1Automotive Rendering with Nik V
Neon Material CollectionBokeh Map Product training
Paper MaterialsGuide to Arnold
Pro Studio Metals Volume 2 HDRIs
Surface Imperfections: Crust
Surface Imperfections: Dust
Surface Imperfections: Copy Machine
Surface Imperfections: Dry Ink
Surface Imperfections: Stains
Greyscalegorilla Light Gobos Vol. 1
Greyscalegorilla Wood Materials Vol. 1
120 Custom Bokeh Maps
Wood Veneers

Only in Greyscalegorilla Plus

Get snappy tutorials when you need an immediate solution and in-depth training when you need to get up to speed on something fast. Also, drag-and-drop access to thousands of hand-crafted 3D materials. Get textures like bison hair and beat-up metal.

Plus, you get all the new stuff. New training, new materials, and sometimes fun surprises.

  • Create realistic renders faster. Use one-click shortcuts that save time and keep your work authentic.
  • Focus on craftsmanship. Without hope, you can guess the right parameter for the desired effect.
  • See the pros’ end-to-end processes. And get inspiration for things you can experiment with too.

“I have no fear telling my clients I can do whatever they ask of me because I know the GSG community can bail me out.

It has sped up my workflow and allowed me to make more money! WIN!

I really love how you guys handle such an intricate and often difficult topic like 3D Design and Animation and make it easy to learn.

It has helped make me more marketable and unique.

Learn from cutting-edge designers who work with brands like these:

Our instructors know: Just when you think you “know it all” in 3D design, there’s something new to learn.

Nick and Chad Training Greyscalegorilla Plus

Nick’s tutorials were coherent, fun and best of all they were targeted to a professional audience that would need help executing work for clients.

Get instant access to all this for less than one night out a month.

We know you’re already paying for a lot of subscriptions. This is why we’ve jam-packed over thousands of dollars worth of tools and training into the platform. And we add new stuff all the time. So you really are in there all the time.

It’ll cost you just $399 for the year!

And if you’re not working faster and creating better renders, just let us know. Canceling is easy and painless.

Already had purchased the Redshift and X-Particles training in the past, but decided to subscribe to Plus anyways. The Houdini and procedural training was what pushed me over the edge.

Need multiple seats for your team?

Contact our Sales Team



GORILLA U: Your ALL-ACCESS Pass To over $10,000 in Training

Keep scrolling for a taste of everything you get as a Greyscalegorilla Plus member,

Guide To Cinema 4D

$299 Value
Learn everything C4D with this dive deep into C4D. Mograph, Animation, Nodes, Dynamics, Simulations, Material UVs, and much more…

  • Over 120 videos
  • 12+ hours of project-based training
  • Finally, learn more than just the surface of C4D

Guide to Redshift

$299 Value
Let’s make stunning renders. We’ll get you a handle on all Redshift’s features. And walk you through a project workflow.

  • 18+ hours of training
  • 4 Redshift projects
  • 120 videos
  • Scene files and assets included
Guide to Cinema 4D Greyscalegorilla Plus
Guide to Redshift Greyscalegorilla Plus

Guide to X-Particles

$299 Value
Let’s make particles swarm. Let us show you how to incorporate X-Particles into your workflows.

  • Over 70 videos
  • 20+ hours of project-based training
  • Project scene files for easy dissection or inspiration

Guide to Arnold

$299 Value
Learn how to create stunning photoreal visuals with this powerful renderer. Learn the cheats from Chad Ashley and Kamel Khezri.

  • 80+ Videos of deep-dive training
  • Learn every setting of Arnold
  • Stay up to date with the latest versions.
GSG Plus X-Particles

arnold training


With clients using Redshift, Octane and Arnold, the ability to hop between them is invaluable.


Make this the year of Mograph Fields, Houdini, Rigging, and Studio Quality Lighting.

Keep scrolling. It’s a TON of quality training!

Procedural Mograph Systems in Cinema 4D

$299 Value
Next level Mograph tips and techniques to make your next project stand out.
Procedural Mograph Systems in Cinema 4D

Introduction to Houdini

$299 Value
This famously challenging program demystified.
Introduction to Houdini

Getting Started With Octane

$199 Value
Learn this fast popular renderer from Octane Jesus himself, David Ariew.

Getting Started With Octane

Getting to know ACES Color Grading

$99 Value
Industry-standard color correction. Learn how to blend colors in striking realism without haloing or fringing.
Getting to know ACES Color Grading

Ask Greyscalegorilla – C4D Q&A $396 Value

Get a ton of useful design and technical tips to help with your workflow. With 200 hours of recordings where we answer your questions + 250 C4D scene files to follow along with.

Mesmerizing MoSplines

$99 Value
Jake Allen shows you some really efficient ways to combine Mosplines, effectors, and fields, for very smooth animation.

greyscalegorilla plus mosplines

Get The Biggest and Most Beautiful Cinema 4D Material Library Ever Made

Plus includes Over $9,000 of professional drag-and-drop materials and assets. All seamless and ready to use in your next render.

Tech Products

$199 Value

A robust collection of materials for use in product visualization renders. No need to spend hours fussing around getting just the right amount of anisotropic sheen on your metals. Just drag and drop onto your models, and you are good to go.

Greyscalegorilla Plus tech products

Surface Imperfections: Scratches

$199 Value

Make your renders more realistic with this Surface Imperfection pack. Click and drag any of the 4K tileable textures into your renderer of choice, and use them to break up smooth reflections, layer and mask out materials, create divots on that smooth surface, and so much more.

Surface Imperfections: Scratches

Everyday Materials Collection

$249 Value
362 hand-crafted materials organized into category folders like wood, concrete, fabric, and metal.

Greyscalegorilla plus Everyday Materials Collection

Modern Surface Material Collection

$199 Value
270+ drag and drop modern materials for modern designs

Modern Surface Material Collection

Gorilla Grade Luts

$99 Value
Get 100 cinematic color grades that easily apply to footage and 3D renders.

Gorilla Grade Luts

Texture Kit Pro

$99 Value
Beautiful materials for use with the physical and standard renderers.

Texture Kit Pro

The Happy Toolbox Sample Pack – Bonus

Get 20 free models from our friends at The Happy Toolbox.

gsg plus happy toolbox

2D and 3D Dust Collection

$198 Value
2D and 3D dust to add a realistic environment and vibe to your scene.

gsg plus dust

And, Greyscalegorila Plugins are also Included.

These time-saving plugins are currently included in your membership and more are coming soon. Stay up to date with the latest versions.

Light Kit Pro

$299 Value
Create instant studio lighting for your next render. The all-time best-selling studio lighting plugin for Cinema 4D. Includes over 100 studio lighting presets.

gsg plus light kit pro


$149 Value
Easily create loops, stop-motion effects, or time your animation to music.


$149 Value
Quickly add cinematic camera moves to your 3D cameras with this Cinema 4D plugin.


$99 Value
HDRI Link is a workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers to connect with Greyscalegorilla’s extensive HDRI library via their intuitive Browser technology.
hdri link

HDRI Studio Rig

$149 Value
Over 70 HDRI maps and tools to quickly turn your models or scenes into perfect HDR renders.

hdri studio rig


$199 Value
Build, destroy, morph, clone, and explode your objects or type in seconds. No keyframes required.

City Kit

$149 Value
Build and customize cities and neighborhoods with one click for your project, while saving hours of Modeling and Rendering.
city kit


$199 Value
Topcoat is a texturing plugin from Greyscalegorilla that makes reflectance and adds realistic reflection to your scene easy and beautiful.

Metals Materials

New to plus
GSG Plus Metals

… and much more. Greyscalegorilla Plus is updated often and new items are always being added. Please refer to the grid on the highlights page for what’s new.

Please Note: Although most of these products are compatible with Cinema R14 and above, Greyscalegorilla offers customer support for installations on R18 and above.

November 16, 2022 – 3d Models & Neon Letter Sets

Plus members now have access to over 250 models, including neon sign letters, mograph Doodads and more!

NEW: Doodads

Created with modern high-end motion design trends in mind, these Doodads will give your 3D work a fun, playful and curious attitude. Combine Doodads with our material collections, like Wood Veneers and Modern Surface Materials, and you’ll be ready to animate, fast. 152 models, all fully UV’d and delivered in FBX format, so you can fully make them your own.

NEW: Everyday Model Collection

When you need to give your 3D scene a lived-in feeling, turn to our Everyday Models collection. 21 simple, beautifully designed objects add a human touch that helps set the stage to tell your story. Built to real world scale and fully UV’d you can give these objects your own textures, or combine them with our material collections, like Terrazzo or Tactile Patterned Canvas, for a beautiful, refined look.

NEW: Neon Letters

This collection of neon letters will brighten up your motion design and 3D renders. Whether you’re lighting up the sign outside a 50’s diner or the inside of a more modern venue, 86 models, including both condensed and extended typefaces, are ready to go. Combine with our Neon Materials Collection for instant, glowing gratification.

October 26, 2022 – Tactile: Patterned Canvas and Patterned Plastic Collections

A hundred materials in two new collections join the Plus Library bringing a geometric flare to your renders.


In this Tactile Collection, we’ve captured the true texture and feel of canvas, while giving you an immense variety of unique, colorful patterns that evoke an authentic mid-century vibe. Customize the colors for 75 hand-crafted patterns. Whether you are creating motion graphics in your brand’s color palette, or rendering imagery of high-fashion handbags, our Patterned Canvas collection will give you beautiful, photoreal results that (like the material itself) stand the test of time.

Patterned Canvas is the perfect companion to our Modern Surface Material Collection, all available in Greyscalegorilla Plus.


Plastic is one of the most versatile materials in existence. In our collection of Patterned Plastic, we’ve brought you the look and feel of real plastic, while also giving you the flexibility to lean into both form and function. A variety of geometric patterns can be molded into limitless shapes, colors and textures. Driven by displacement, these 25 easily customizable materials will bring new depth into your motion graphics, product designs and architectural rendering. All with zero environmental impact.

October 4, 2022 – Added Tactile Collection

Greyscalegorilla Tactile is a growing library of the most beautiful and realistic 3D materials available anywhere. Using our new Tactile Capture Process, we’re bringing you a level of detail never seen before in the world of 3D design. The Tactile library incorporates standard material channels like diffuse, normal, and roughness, but also captures elusive real-world properties, like translucency and optical reflectance. The collection includes

  • Unfinished Wood
  • Clay Fine
  • Clay Rough
  • Clay Sculpting
  • Clay Doh

August 24, 2022 – Animated Gobos + New Signal Training

New Animated Gobos

Project animated light and shadows into your 3D scene. Choose from Abstract Patterns, Caustics, Trees, or Windows to bring your renders to life. 20 Animated Gobos so real you can feel the breeze…dip your toes in the water…or wake up with the sun through your blinds. 2K and tileable, they are completely customizable and created for perfect looping.


Are you utilizing Signal to its fullest and getting the most out of this animation plugin? Signal is a robust plugin that can eliminate a lot of extra steps and speed up your animation workflow significantly, without keyframes. Join Motion Designer Jake Allen, as he shows you 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Signal. This 30 minute crash-course will help you learn tips and tricks that will save you time and elevate your work.

Go to your Greyscalegorilla Plus account to download these new features.

June 22, 2022 – New Wood Veneers

Introducing Wood Veneers, a beautiful collection of 30 real-wood coverings perfect for product rendering. Wrap tables, chairs, cabinets…anything you want…for insanely realistic results. (We mean details on details). Want your object to look like it was carved from solid wood? We got you. Drag-and-drop Wood Veneers for incredibly beautiful, seamless, and realistic renders.

May 19, 2022 – Greyscalegorilla Plus Everywhere, New Bokeh Maps

Plus continues to grow with more assets and more flexibility!

  • 120 Custom Bokeh Maps
  • Bokeh Map Product Training
  • Dual Login: Now Use Plus on 2 machines without logging in and out!

Read the news post for more.

April 20, 2022 – Update for Cinema 4D S26

Maxon just released the latest version of Cinema 4D: S26. Plus Members, if you’ve already updated, you’re probably anxious to get your Greyscalegorilla Plus Plugins installed! Good thing we stayed up all night to be sure everything in your Plus membership is fully compatible with S26 on launch day!

S26 Users, simply download and install the latest version of the Plus HUB. Update your Plugins, and that’s it!

April 5, 2022 – New Surface Imperfections

Just when you thought you had ALL the Surface Imperfections, you get another detail-packed collection delivered right to your account.

See the news post for the full details

February 2022 – Now Available in Greyscalegorilla Plus:

  • Align – a new plugin created to help you align and distribute your objects with ease
  • Space HDRIs – 20 cosmic maps that will make your next render extra(terrestrial)
  • Copy Machine – a new collection of Surface Imperfections to add the realistic touches your render is missing

HDRIs That Are Out of this World!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far (you know where this is headed). You’ve all heard the rumors of Space HDRIs. This long-awaited collection is finally here. Now available in Plus, a pack of 20 maps created specifically for cosmic renders. Your new Space HDRIs are high-resolution and easy-to-use, with a variety of Alien Skies, Stars, Nebula, and Aurora Borealis. The possibilities are astronomical.

Nick Denboer - Greyscalegorilla plus update feb 2022

New Surface Imperfections. Copy That.

A new collection of Surface Imperfections joins its 5 counterparts. The 6th collection, called Copy Machine, offers 10 high-resolution textures. These maps include random arrays of dots, marring an otherwise perfect copy. We all know the typical Copy Machine snafus: Too light. Too dark. Lines across your paper. Pair Copy Machine with our Paper Materials, bump up the wrinkle level, and create a really authentic “paper jam”.

paper Greyscalegorilla plus update feb 2022

New Plugin – Line ‘Em Up.

Looking for a quick and easy way to align your objects in Cinema 4D? Look no further. Today, Plus members can install a brand new plugin that does just that. Align was developed to help you quickly and accurately line up the objects in your next render. Align Left. Align Right. Top. Bottom. (You get the idea). Align objects based on their bounding box, or distribute objects evenly based on their pivot point. If you’ve been doing this in Illustrator or Photoshop, you know how beneficial this tool is. It’s never been possible in Cinema 4D… until now!

align - Greyscalegorilla plus update feb 2022

How to Create Realistic Interior Lighting

Nick from Greyscalegorilla shows you how to create a realistic interior scene with lighting using Cinema 4D and Redshift.


How To render This Goo Rock in Redshift

Chris Schmidt updates a classic Greyscalegorilla Goo Rock tutorial for Cinema 4D and Redshift, but you can use any renderer to play along.


Greyscalegorilla: Create A Looping Animated Plastic Toy in Cinema 4D

Chad Ashley and Nick from Greyscalegorilla show you how to make the fun, twisting, plastic-looking animation  that Nick created for the release of GSG's Patterned Plastics materials collection.  Get lots of Cinema 4D tips and tricks too.


Add Dirt and Scratches with Redshift Stacked Materials in Cinema 4D

In this Greyscalegorilla tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to add some dirt and scratches to your 3D models.


Create a dynamic pillow animation in Cinema 4D with cloth

Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla explains how Chad Ashley created his famous pillow fabrics animation, as seen on social media.


Create Stop-Motion Claymation Effects in Cinema 4D

E.J. Hassenfratz explains how he created this cute stop-motion-style claymation animation of a fishing frog in Cinema 4D.


Greyscalegorilla: Displacement Materials in Cinema 4D Using Arnold / Octane / Redshift

Displacement materials and textures can change the topography of your 3D model and bring added depth into your render.  Chad Ashley and Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla show you how to set up displacement in Cinema 4D using Arnold, Octane or Redshift with these tutorials.


The New Redshift Random Walk Sub Surface Scattering

Chad Ashley of Greyscalegorilla explains how to use Random Walk Sub Surface Scattering, new in the latest release of Redshift for Cinema 4D.


In Depth: Creating Space - A Galaxy of Resources for your Epic Space Film (Updated!)

Space, the final frontier! Learn to create stars, galaxies, moons, and more for your next space-themed film or science fiction short.


Greyscalegorilla Plus New HDRIs Features tutorial

In this tutorial, Nick Campbell explains how to use your own HDRIs in your workflow using a Greyscalegorilla Plus new feature.


Using Greyscalegorilla Plus Bokeh Maps in Redshift

Learn about the new Bokeh Maps that were added to GSG Plus last week. Chad Ashley tells you all about them and how to use them in Redshift.


Burning Question: Greyscalegorilla Plus vs. Greyscalegorilla for Teams

Find out whether Greyscalegorilla Plus or Greyscalegorilla for Teams is a better fit for your plugins, training, and materials needs.


Greyscalegorilla: Social Frame Product Training

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the new Greyscalegorilla Social Frame Plugin for Cinema 4D.


Greyscalegorilla: Gobos Product Training (Octane, Redshift, Arnold)

These 3 tutorials show you the best practices to use Greyscalegorilla Light Gobos in Octane, Redshift and Arnold in Cinema 4D.


Greyscalegorilla: Signal Training - What's new in v3.0

Nick Campbell walks you through all the new features packed in Signal 3.0 like the new ease curve menu, the looper modifier, and more. And he shows you how he creates a whole bunch of animations without a single keyframe!


Ease Curves in Signal 3.0

Learn how to use the new Ease Curves in the Signal 3.0 Plugin for Cinema 4D. Exclusively in Greyscalegorilla Plus.


Using Fields to Drive Animation in Signal 3.0

Check out Signal 3.0's new Fields Integration and learn the basics of how to use it to improve your workflow.


Looper Modifier in Greyscalegorilla Signal 3.0

In this video, learn about the updated Looper Modifier in Signal 3.0, available exclusively with a Greyscalegorilla Plus membership.


Using Cinema 4D Noises with Signal 3.0

In this video, learn about the updated Noise Modifier in Signal 3.0, available exclusively with a Greyscalegorilla Plus membership.


Greyscalegorilla: 3D Alembic Dust in Cinema 4D Training

This training video will get you up and running with Greyscalegorilla Alembic Dust in Cinema 4D.


Greyscalegorilla: 3D Alembic Dust in Fusion Training

This training video will get you up and running with Greyscalegorilla Alembic Dust in Fusion.


Neon Materials: Greyscalegorilla Training

Neon Materials from Greyscalegorilla embraces all the fine details that make neon look real. Learn about using Neon in three renderers.


Surface Imperfections: Greyscalegorilla Training

Scratch up, smudge, wear down, or otherwise wreck your perfect materials and get more realistic renders with Surface Imperfections.


Greyscalegorilla: Modern Surfaces Material Collection Training

Get up and running with the Modern Surface Collection with these tutorials.  This series is broken up by renderer, so you can get going in Octane, Redshift, or Arnold, quickly.


Area Light Maps from Greyscalegorilla: Getting Started

Check out the new Greyscalegorilla Area Light Maps tutorial, featuring multiple renderers including Redshift, Octane, and Arnold Render.


Greyscalegorilla: Topcoat Product Training

Learn Topcoat with this series of tutorials from Greyscalegorilla.  Begin with the Quickstart, then move on to learn about metals, bumps, blurs, modifiers and more.


Greyscalegorilla: Transform Training

Get to know GSG Transform with the quickstart video, then dive deeper into the individual functions inside Transform with the Basics of Transform.


Greyscalegorilla Live Q&A | Office Hours for April 8, 2021

Join Nick and Chad for another Greyscalegorilla Live Show. They are kickin' it old school today with a simple Q&A session.


Greyscalegorilla: Car Paint Materials Training

Get started with your new Car Paint Materials and your renderer with these tutorials.  There's one each for Arnold, Octane and Redshift.  


Greyscalegorilla: Light Kit Pro Product Training

These 2 tutorials will guide you through all of the valuable features of Light Kit Pro and help you to create beautiful lighting setups in Cinema 4D.


Greyscalegorilla: Getting Started with HDRI Studio Rig

This HDRI Studio Rig product training will get you started with your new HDRI Studio Rig plugin and your renderer.  HDRI Studio Rig is a lighting plugin from Greyscalegorilla that simplifies image based lighting in Cinema 4D. 


Greyscalegorilla: Getting Started with HDRI Link in Redshift

HDRI Link is a workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers to connect with Greyscalegorilla’s extensive HDRI library via their intuitive Browser technology.  Watch this tutorial to learn how to use HDRI Link with Redshift.


Greyscalegorilla: Getting Started with HDRI Link in Octane

HDRI Link is a workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers to connect with Greyscalegorilla’s extensive HDRI library via their intuitive Browser technology.  Watch this tutorial to learn how to use HDRI Link with Octane.


Greyscalegorilla: Getting Started with HDRI Link in Arnold

HDRI Link is a workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers to connect with Greyscalegorilla’s extensive HDRI library via their intuitive Browser technology.  Watch this tutorial to learn how to use HDRI Link with Arnold.


Greyscalegorilla Signal Training: QuickStart

Get up and running quickly in Greyscalegorilla’s Signal Plugin for Cinema 4D with this Quick Start tutorial from Chris Schmidt.


Cinema 4D: Greyscalegorila Plus Guide for Beginners

If you are new to Cinema 4D, Greyscalegorilla has create a handy guide for Plus members.  It will help you get up and running quickly. It tells you what Plugins and Materials and Assets are compatible with the Physical Renderer, and a whole lot of beginner training tutorials.


How To Create Great Lighting in Cinema 4D - Live Show Q&A

Chad and Nick of Greyscalegorilla talk about creating real-world light setups in Cinema 4D. They are covering a lot here! Great info.


Cinema 4D - Increase Realism with Surface Imperfections

In this tutorial, Chad Ashley from Greyscalegorilla shows you how to add wear and tear to your cinema 4d renders with GSG Imperfection Maps, making your renders more realistic.


Cinema 4D Quick Tip: Create Complex Stitching Effect, GSG Plus

Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla is enamored with Zachary Corzine's procedural systems training, that is available in GSG Plus.  In this Quick Tip, Nick shows you how to create a complex stitching effect based on that training.


Exploring GorillaCam from Greyscalegorilla

Chad and Chris demonstrate most of the fun new features in the new GorillaCam, in this recorded live stream. They answer some questions from viewers, too.


ACES Color for Cinema 4D Artists - Color Grading

Chad Ashley of Greyscalegorilla has put together a vast resource about ACES color system, color space, and why this is important to Cinema 4D artists.


Greyscalegorilla: Lighting 3D Products with Area Light Maps

Learn how to use Greyscalegorilla Area Light Maps with HDRI Link to add texture to area lights in your favorite third-party render engine.


LUTs with Redshift in Cinema 4D, A Quick Tip from Greyscalegorilla

Chad Ashley from Greyscalegorilla explains how to get your LUTs with Redshift's Render View in Cinema 4D in this Quick Tip.


Cinema 4D & Arnold: Making a Spiderverse-Inspired Shader in Arnold

Chad Ashley from Greyscalegorilla was recently inspired by the animated movie, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse" to create an Arnold shader in the same style. In this tutorial, Chad explains the technique use to create the film and then shows you how to re-create that look in Arnold.


3 Tips For More Realistic Reflections in Cinema 4D

Nick Campbell from Greyscalegorilla gives some great tips on how to make your reflections look real in Cinema 4D. He explains how to speed up your texturing process with the Greyscalegorilla Topcoat plug-in.


In Depth: Color Grading is a LUT Easier with LUTs!

A LUT, or Look Up Table, is used in the film industry as an easy method of color grading. It’s an array of numbers to control the color of an image, by mapping one color space to another. Simple enough at the surface, but here’s more than you probably want to know about LUTs.


Introduction to the Time Effector in Cinema 4D

EJ Hassenfratz shared his tutorial on the Greyscalegorilla website, where he explains how to make some cool time based animation effects with the Time Effector in Cinema 4D.


Render Like a Photographer in Cinema 4D

In this episode, the guys talk about rendering, obviously, color theory, and the benefits of multiple UV’s,


Wet Roads in Cinema 4D with Octane Render

David Brodeur, for Greyscalegorilla, explains how to make realistic wet roads and puddles in Cinema 4D using Octane Mix Materials along with high res textures.


GI Area Light Script and Tutorial for Reflectance Channel for MAXON CINEMA 4D R16

Nick from Greyscalegorilla has a useful script to help you properly light a scene with the Reflectance Channel and his GI Area Light Script.


Tutorial: Greyscalegorilla: Setting up CityKit to Work as a Holographic Interface

In this quick tutorial, Chris shows you how to add some effectors to City Kit so you can focus in on just a few buildings, and then zoom around the city. A similar effect was used to make part of Iron Man’s heads up display. Keep an eye out in the future for a follow up where we push this effect even further!