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Greyscalegorilla: Transform Training

gsg transform training

Get to know GSG Transform with the quickstart video, then dive deeper into the individual functions inside Transform with the Basics of Transform.

Transform Quickstart

Get to Know Transform – Begin with the first video to get a quick overview of Transform.



Basics of Transform


The second video in this training dives deeper into the individual functions inside Transform. It covers:

Basics of Transform – 00:00:00
Transform Tab – 00:04:37
Pre & Post Effectors Tab – 00:34:52
Super Text – 00:44:34
Shader Tab – 01:03:35
Custom Tab – 01:12:44
Advanced Tab – 01:24:32
Great Texture with Transform – 01:28:11
Baking Transform Animation – 01:33:32

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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