How many computers can I run my license on?

Each vendor differs pm how many computers a license can be installed/active concurrently, or moving a license to a new machine.


Licenses can be run on two computers.

Boris FX

One license per computer but you can deactivate and reactivate the license to move it to another computer.


Licenses are not locked to a specific machine and you can install products on multiple machines. Chaos uses a floating licensing system that redistributes the licenses upon request – you can have the software installed on multiple machines but you’ll be able to run it simultaneously on a number of machines (that do not exceed the number of your available floating licenses). More Info.

Digital Anarchy

You can install your license on two computers, Mac or Windows, but those computers cannot run simultaneously.


Perpetual licenses can be installed and run on two machines. Greyscalegorilla + is limited to one computer.


According to our Single-User License agreement, we do allow users to install iZotope products on more than one machine as long as they are the only person using the software on these machines. So if you need to put your software on a desktop and a laptop you are allowed to do this.


One Machine per license, You can install on as many machines as you would like and release to new machines as needed. More Info.

  • Red Giant perpetual licenses can be installed on two computers. Subscriptions can be installed on only one computer.


Rendergarden can be installed on one computer but the render nodes are unlimited.

Mt. Mograph

All purchases of our tools come with a single-user commercial license. Meaning each license is valid for one installation per seat.
You can use a License Transfer and Logout option, to migrate workstations keys.
# quantity purchased = # of installs/seats

RE:Vision Effects

One non-floating license can be used on one machine, but it can be deactivated and activated to move to another machine.

Synthetic Aperture

Each license of Color Finesse PI is good for two computers at the same time.

Time in Pixels

The license has an activation limit of 3. But the activation is linked with specific hardware, which means that on one specific computer you can activate the product as many times as you want. This also means that you can use the product on 3 different computers.

Video Copilot

Products can be installed on up to two machines. This includes a workstation and a personal machine or laptop. The product cannot be used simultaneously on both machines by two separate artists. This would require additional licenses. More Info.


Waves offers a free 2nd license for any plugin or bundle covered by the Waves Update Plan, to be used on different computers, without having to move licenses between devices.  Learn more


Zaxwerks allows two installations, for instance, a desktop and laptop, provided only one is activated at a time.


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