I purchased a “Download” item. Where is it?

Most orders purchased for download are sent automatically, but several products are processed manually, especially in the case of plugins that require System IDs. Some of our vendors are manually processed, too, including Maxon*. The manual delivery process can take several minutes to 24 hours, depending on the manufacturer and day of the week. Please feel free to email us or contact us on the live chat to get an idea of the timing. Please supply your order number in your message.

Also, double-check your Junk/Spam folder first, as it is common for orders to end up there. If you use Gmail, also check the folder called Marketing.

For estimated delivery times, click the button below.

*About Maxon Orders

We are commonly asked about Maxon orders because they are manually processed. Maxon does not have staff working overnights or on weekends. If possible, avoid ordering on a Friday if you need it quickly.

You can also use a Maxon 14-day free trial while you wait for your license to arrive.

If you’re in the U.S.:

Order early in the day if you’d like it the same day. Orders go through Maxon’s office in California.

If you’re in Europe:

Orders will go through Maxon’s office in Germany. If you order in the afternoon or evening in your time zone, it will likely be available the next day.

Hot tip! If you’re renewing your Maxon subscription, you can order it a couple of weeks early to ensure that you will not be without your software. Your subscription will not start until your renewal date, so you will not be paying for 2 licenses at once. They will not overlap. They will instead allow you to continue your subscription without any downtime. Note: Toolfarm DOES NOT auto-renew licenses for any products.