CoreMelt FAQ

Get answers to common questions about CoreMelt products.

How do I migrate my license to a new system?

Below, watch a video on how to migrate your license to a new system. If you do not have the CoreMelt License Tool shown in this video you can download it here.

CoreMelt Critical Update for High Sierra

If you’re running an older system…

Roger Bolton from CoreMelt warns you to update your CoreMelt plug-ins to the latest version if you are running the latest macOS, High Sierra OSX 10.13.

Roger explains, “Only versions released after 9/10/17 will function correctly in High Sierra. In Earlier versions, you may experience crashes when applying a small number of the effects. To apply this update you do not need to uninstall your plugins, please download and install them again.” 

He also mentions that if you did a clean install when you updated your OS you’ll need to re-enter serial numbers. If you’re planning to upgrade your OS with a clean install, make sure you save them someplace safe.

His advice is to hold off on upgrading if you’re in the middle of a project, but this is common sense. Never upgrade during a project unless you absolutely have no other choice.