aescripts + aeplugins FAQ

How do I download, install, and register my new aescripts + aeplugins product?

For aescripts + aeplugins products, this is the process to get things up and running.

  1. First, create an aescripts + aeplugins account here:
  2. The serial number you were sent for your order is a TEMPORARY Serial number and it’s valid for 30 DAYS. Please exchange this serial number as soon as possible here:
  3. Download the aescripts+aeplugins app. In this app, you will be able to manage your downloads, licenses, updates, etc. Here is the link:
  4. After you install your plugins, launch your host application. Apply the plugin and then click “register” to register your product to get everything fully working.
  5. Full instructions for installation and registering the permanent license code in your host application can be found here:

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us over our live chat during business hours or at

My aescripts + aeplugins licenses won’t work. What do I do?

When you order a product that comes through aescripts + aeplugins, you’ll be issued a temporary serial number that is valid for one user and expires in 30 days. You need to exchange that serial number for your permanent serial number.

For example, you may see an error that says “Licence number provided was not recognized. Please try again.”

To remedy this, use the Temporary Link Exchange below to convert your serial number into a permanent

Haven’t received your permanent license?

Check your spam folder, and specifically, if you’re a Gmail user, check the folder called “Promotions” as the aescripts + aeplugins emails often end up there.

Of course, you can always access your downloads in your aescripts account. Go to the My Downloads & Licenses section of your user account.

In addition, you can find this information in the aescripts + aeplugins Manager app.

aescripts + aeplugins Floating License Server

aescripts + aeplugins Floating Licenses server is a command-line application that requires setup using the Terminal. It is intended for larger enterprise customers who need to be able to control licenses for a large number of users from a central location.

If this is not you, then you probably don’t want to use this license type.

If you are an individual user you should consider the Single User License (SUL). The SUL license allows for the software to be installed on up to two user accounts/computers as long as they are not being used at the same time. If you need to install it on more than two user accounts or computers you will need to purchase additional SUL licenses or consider the Floating licenses.

Floating licenses differ from single-user licenses in that they can be dynamically moved between users and machines. Floating licenses can only be used in conjunction with the Floating License Server.

A license can only be used by one user at a time, so make sure you get enough licenses to cover your number of users. The aescripts+aeplugins Floating License Server is Free with the purchase of 5 or more Floating licenses.

More information on aescripts+aeplugins Floating Licenses.

How do I reinstall aescripts + aeplugins software?

With aescripts+aeplugins tools, simply log into your account at the aescripts website. From there, you can re-download your purchases and license codes.