Boris FX Enterprise Program

  • Boris FX Suite Enterprise program requires a minimum of 5 Annual Subscriptions
  • $1495 per license. Pricing for individual products varies.

Summary of benefits of the Boris FX Enterprise Program

  • Discounted Pricing
  • Advanced licensing option including floats
  • First-tier technical support
  • One-on-one training and onboarding
  • Exclusive access to future product roadmaps
  • Prioritized feature requests for all products

Designed For Scale

Unlock the full potential of Boris FX with the Enterprise program! Tailored for studios and large-scale operations, the Boris FX Enterprise program features advanced licensing solutions, first-tier technical support, expert workflow advice, streamlined onboarding, and bespoke training modules. Minimum seat counts apply.

Frequently Asked Question

Are individual products included in the Enterprise Program?

Yes, all Boris FX software and plugins are included. Pricing varies per product and requires a minimum of 5 licenses so please contact sales for pricing.

How do I take advantage of personalized training?

All Enterprise program members are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who can assist with the scheduling and planning of the personalized training sessions.

We use a network-distributed render farm. Can that work with Boris FX products?

Yes! Enterprise customers have exclusive access to “render-only” which are paired on a five-to-one ratio with each Enterprise license. Please discuss the technical requirements and specifications with your Account Manager.

Can I purchase a perpetual license in the Enterprise program?

All Enterprise licenses are subscription only and a per product 5-seat minimum applies.

Can I request a specific feature be added to a product?

Yes! As a member of the Enterprise program, you’ll have exclusive access to our product teams and future roadmaps. We will always try our best to accommodate all requests, but some requests may not be possible due to limitations on technological resources.

Is there installation help available?

Of course! In addition to online documentation and videos, we have dedicated Enterprise support technicians standing by to help get you up and running.

Get it all with Boris FX Suite

Boris FX Suite

Boris FX Suite

The Ultimate Visual Effects Package

With the Boris FX Suite, you can have ultimate creativity and cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. Get the best of award-winning tools such as Sapphire for visual effects, Mocha Pro for planar tracking and Optics to revolutionize rotoscoping - all accessible with one incredible annual price point! Unlock a world of possibilities with just $1,295 per year.

Boris FX Suite Includes:

• Continuum – The world’s most complete plugin toolkit
• CrumplePop – Easy to use, AI-drive audio restoration plugins
• Mocha Pro – Award-winning planar tracking & masking
• Optics – Cinematic effects for photos
• Sapphire – The essential visual effects suite
• Silhouette - Roto, Paint & Compositing
• SynthEyes – Fast 3D tracking and matching moving toolset

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