RenderGarden Troubleshooting

RenderGarden is an incredible speed booster for After Effects but we know that you may run into some issues. Below, a few things you can try to get RenderGarden and network rendering up and running smoothly.

We also have information on how to submit a support ticket to Mekajiki, developer of RenderGarden.

See also: RenderGarden FAQ

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you are running the most current version of RenderGarden and make sure that your system and software meet the system requirements.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall RenderGarden. Make sure that After Effects is NOT running when you do this.
  3. Purge all cache and memory in After Effects, then restart your computer.

How to Verify your Network is set up properly.

  1. Download the sample project here.
  2. Open the project.
  3. Add the main comp to the render queue. Set the output module to QT/AVI.
  4. Render from the AE Render Queue. This will verify that the project renders on your configuration.
  5. Render local to RenderGarden using 1 seed. This will verify that RenderGarden is installed right, and Python/Seedbank is set correctly.
  6. Render local to RenderGarden using 2 seeds. This will verify FFmpeg is working right.
  7. Render over the network with a single render node using RenderGarden. This will verify the network is configured right along with Render Node config.

Submit a Ticket for RenderGarden Support

Visit this page to submit a ticket. At the top of the page, you’ll see “submit a request”.

When you’re submitting a ticket, please include the following information to expedite your request.

  • Any screenshots of errors that you are seeing.
  • Your version of Rendergarden
  • Your version of After Effects
  • Your OS version
  • A System Report is also helpful to attach to your ticket. Instructions are below.

How to generate a system report of your computer

A system report will give the engineers a detailed report of your computer.

On Mac: Go to the Apple menu in the top left of your screen and click About This Mac. A dialogue box pops up. Select System Report. Then click Cmd + S (or File > Save). Attach that file it creates to your ticket.

On Windows: Click the Windows icon. Then, click the Cog/Settings icon. In the search bar, type “msinfo32” and press enter. You should see the system report. Go to File > Save to save it and then attach that file to your ticket.

aerender Breaks in After Effects with latest Big Sur Release

Last week we were informed about aerender command line no longer working under the latest point release of Big Sur in After Effects. This affects all tools that use background rendering and render farm tools, including Rendergarden. This release is Big Sur 11.4 and it was released on 24 May 2021.

We were hoping not to have to share this on our news blog but we’ve been getting a lot of customer support messages about this. Rendergarden users will experience render fails over and over.

How to Fix it

Our advice is to NOT update your OS until there is a fix. Mekajiki, the developer of Rendergarden, has submitted a bug report to Adobe regarding this issue so we are hoping for a fix soon.

Again, DO NOT update your OS to the latest version of Big Sur if you use Rendergarden or any tools that use the aerender command line.

If you’ve already updated, you can try and go back to the previous Big Sur release.