e-on software now available for free

e-on software has halted the development of VUE, PlantFactory, and PlantCatalog products, which are now free to download and use.

Current Customers: Support for these products will be limited to critical security patches in the future.

e-on software products have served the media and entertainment industry for over 27 years. Following its acquisition by Bentley Systems in 2015, e-on software’s technologies have been integrated into various Bentley products and have been used by valued customers and partners world-wide.

For over 39 years, Bentley’s focus has been to serve engineers and other professionals responsible for designing, constructing, and operating sustainable infrastructure. To keep our focus, we have decided to end sales for VUE, PlantFactory, and PlantCatalog. These products will not be further developed, and support will be limited to critical security patches.

However, e-on software are offering free downloads and usage of VUE, PlantFactory, and PlantCatalog as perpetual versions to anyone interested in continuing to utilize these products and technologies! Simply download the product and acknowledge the new end-user-license-agreement (EULA) agreeing to using the software without support.

Click the Download button below to gain access to these products or see the FAQ for more details. Thank you for your support and understanding.

e-on Software

Note: The FAQ is on the same page, below the download button on the e-on software website.