INSYDIUM has released X-Particles Build 1030 with a new physics engine, updated UI, and more. Plus, X-Particles joins INSYDIUM Fused, a collection of all of INSYDIUM’s products, plug-ins, and benefits.

Trial Licenses

If you create projects in the trial version and want to open the projects that you created in the trial version in your licensed version, you will need to include your trial license number when you order. However, Insydium is unable to convert your Trial license number when ordering from Toolfarm.

The Fix: If users contact INSYDIUM after purchase, then Insydium can cancel the issued license. Then, they’ll convert your Trial license manually for a £30 admin fee.

How many computers can I run my INSYDIUM license on?

As of the September 2022 update, all licenses in Maintenance and Subscriptions now include a complimentary extra seat (1 complimentary seat per customer). Single-seat licenses can now be used on two machines at once. If your license falls out of Maintenance, the additional seat is removed, another great reason to stay in Maintenance. (22 September 2022)