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News: Maxon Completes ZBrush Acquisition

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ZBrush Acquisition

Maxon acquired the assets of Pixologic, including all brands and software source code. This new alliance will bring the best of both worlds together, with complete respect for everything that the ZBrush artistic community already loves about the application. Maxon’s greater development, marketing, and support resources will benefit ZBrush artists across the board. Access to Maxon’s programming expertise, other technologies, and potential integrations will also bring innovation and expanded capabilities to ZBrush. No interruptions are expected for the ongoing development of your favorite 3D sculpting software.

ZBrush Sales & Licensing Questions

ZBrush pricing remains unchanged. Customers can continue to purchase ZBrush through their usual sales channels, including the Toolfarm store.

ZBrush Standalone

The ZBrush Standalone application will continue to be available.

ZBrush perpetual licenses

ZBrush perpetual licenses never expire and ZBrush perpetual customers who purchased between December 30, 2020, and December 29, 2021, are entitled to free updates for one year from their purchase date.

ZBrush perpetual licenses will continue to be available, but no free upgrades will be included for customers who purchase after December 29, 2021.

Upgrade Policy

Moving forward, perpetual licenses will only receive bug fixes, but no additional features or functionality for free. Subscribers will receive all feature updates and other fixes as long as their subscription is active.

Upgrading From an Earlier ZBrush Version

All ZBrush users who purchased ZBrush 2021 or below are eligible for a FREE upgrade to ZBrush 2022.0.2! All registered ZBrushCore (original release) users are eligible for a FREE upgrade to ZBrushCore…

To summarize, customers who purchased ZBrush prior to December 29, 2021, are entitled to free updates for one year following their purchase. No free upgrades will be included for customers who purchased a perpetual license after December 29, 2021. Subscription licenses automatically receive free upgrades for as long as the subscription remains active.

To provide the best customer experience and performance, we truly believe all customers should be running the latest version. Cutting-edge technology and performance require agile development and delivery. All Maxon products, including ZBrush, are fully dependent upon third-party hardware, operating systems, and software solutions. In order to maintain compatibility with the latest hardware, drivers, and host application updates, our development teams are constantly updating, optimizing, and ensuring stability.

Upgrading from an older version?

Customers who purchased earlier versions but never upgraded to ZBrush 2022 will still be able to do so, ensuring a consistent baseline for support. Upgrade through the ZBrush site.

How much will perpetual upgrades cost? Will it be possible to convert from a perpetual license to a subscription?

More details will come at a later date. However, providing value is and has been a primary philosophy of both Maxon and ZBrush that will continue as we move into the future.

What will a ZBrush subscription cost?

Until further notice, ZBrush subscriptions will continue to be offered for $479.40 per year ($39.95/month), or a similar price in local currency.

I have ZBrush and other Maxon Products. Do I need to maintain a subscription to both?

Yes. It is necessary to maintain both subscriptions.

What should I do if I need volume licensing?

ZBrush volume licensing will continue to be offered as-is until further notice.

We will be working in early 2022 to begin offering ZBrush sales as part of our Teams licensing program. Teams licensing includes priority support, training, the option to allocate licenses via the MyMaxon Teams dashboard, and for larger accounts, a dedicated sales team. Floating licenses and RLM licensing are available at an additional cost. Please contact sales@toolfarm.com with questions.


Will Maxon support ZBrush customers going forward?

Yes. Maxon will provide technical support and customer service to all ZBrush customers. Perpetual customers who purchased prior to ZBrush becoming part of Maxon on December 29, 2021, were guaranteed free updates for one year from their purchase date, including feature updates, patches, and bug fixes. This will be honored. Customers who purchased farther back but never upgraded to ZBrush 2022 will still be able to do so, ensuring a consistent baseline for support. Those users will not receive free upgrades to newer versions. Customers who purchased a perpetual ZBrush license after December 29, 2021, will not be eligible for free upgrades.

How will ZBrush support be offered?

The ZBrush support team remains intact and is passionate about continuing its efforts to provide industry-leading help for users. ZBrush support will remain on the existing Kayako platform, support.pixologic.com for the beginning of 2022.