How to Extract Multi-Part Archive Files

Sometimes products for download are large and are delivered in multi-part split files. For example, they may be a series of names that look like this:

File formats you may need to extract include zip, tar, 001, gzip, dmg, rar, 7z, zipx, and many more. There are literally hundreds of archive file formats out there.

It’s a simple process to get these files unarchived and working on your computer, once you know the process!

Tools for File Extraction & UnZipping

First, install a compression tool to unarchive or unzip multipart files. Below, a list of tools that you can use to unzip multipart files. There are MANY more tools available online but here are a few you can try.


Archive Utility (built-in)
Keka (Free)
The Unarchiver (Free)*


7-Zip (Free)
Win Zip
PeaZip (Free)
Hampster Zip (Free)


PeaZip – Open Source
7-Zip (Free)
DAR (Free)

*Note: Some users have reported issues with The UnArchiver for sequenced zip files. We highly recommend using Kika on the Mac.

How to Unzip / Unarchive

First, download all of the files in the sequence.

Then, select all files in the sequence. This is important. Clicking a single file will not work.

On the Mac: either right-click or option-click to bring up the flyout menu. Under Open With, select your tool of choice. In this example, I’m using Keka on the Mac, but the process is similar to other tools.
Keka unarchive files unzip

On Windows: Right-click > Choose your application > Extract…
The image above comes from a tutorial video from BenoniTech. Watch the full video: Unzip Multiple Files in One Click – Windows 10.

Note that the process may be slightly different for the software you’re using, but this is a general idea. To summarize:

  1. Download an unarchiver tool
  2. Download ALL of the files you are need to unzip
  3. Select all of the files in the sequence
  4. Open with your unarchiver tool