Redshift FAQ

This Redshift FAQ answers commonly asked questions. Please contact us if you have questions that are not answered here.

Which render managers support Redshift?

Deadline, Royal Render, Qube! and RenderPal all have native Redshift support. Apart from the default Redshift behavior which is to use all GPUs to render a single frame, some of these render managers also offer the capability of rendering multiple frames at once (on the same computer), with each frame using a different combination of GPUs.

Which commercial render farm tools support Redshift?

See the Redshift forum for an updated list. Note: You must log in to view the page.

News: Redshift Moving to Subscription-Only August 30, 2021

Starting August 30, 2021, Redshift will only be available as a subscription-only product. Read everything you need to know here.

Redshift & Team Render

When rendering with Redshift, is using Team Render a requirement?

Do you need Team Render licenses in addition to Redshift licenses?

When rendering with Team Render on a render farm, do you need Command line licenses in addition to Team Render licenses?

When rendering with Redshift (RLM) on a render farm, can you use the Team render utility inside Cinema 4D to queue up the render job on the farm?