Cinema 4D R25 Compatibility List

This page is updated as we hear of products that are R25 compatible, or are actively working to release an R25 compatible version. Bookmark this page so you can check back for your favorite products.

Maxon Cinema 4D R25 Compatiblity List

Updated: 15 October 2021

Yes, it’s compatible with R25
A Compatible version will be available soon.

Products are listed alphabetically by vendor/developer.

Chaos V-Ray

V-Ray 5.10.23, released on 14 October 2021, supports R25.

Cinema Plugins DEM Earth

Cinemaplugins DEM Earth 4.495 added R25 compatibility.

Corona Render

Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 2) is compatible with Cinema 4D R25.

C4D Stuff

HB ModelingBundle is compatible with R25.


All tools are compatible with R25.


Plus members: Maxon just released the latest version of Cinema 4D R25. Plus Members, if you’ve already upgraded, you’re probably anxious to get your Greyscalegorilla Plus Plugins installed! And we are ready to go!

With Cinema 4D Release 25, Maxon has removed their lib4d format, which we used for our library files. Follow the steps below to convert your previous files to our new format used by the HUB.

  • In the Plus HUB, Go to Help>Update Material Libraries. This will download and install the new library files. The Plus Library should now show your libraries.

Note for Greyscalegorilla Individual License Holders

If you are not a Plus member, your individually licensed (non-Plus) products will not be getting an update for R25, as per the Licensing policy that Greyscalegorilla announced in March. Join Plus and you’ll always have access to updated versions of our products. (As long as you’re using C4D version S24 or earlier, your individually licensed (non-Plus) products will remain compatible).

Heyne Multimedia Prod.

Heyne plugins are now compatible with R25. Please download the latest update.


INSYDIUM Fused is compatible with Cinema 4D R25.


The latest version of TurbulenceFD is compatible with R25. It now supports all C4D versions from R16 through R25.


All Laubwerk Plants Kits and SurfaceSPREAD support R25


LightMap HDR Light Studio has been updated with support for R25.

Mike Udin

The following products are R25 compatible: Target 4D, Batch Processor, Custom Buttons, Flash Buffer, and TakeMatPass.

Next Limit Maxwell Render

v5.2.2 adds support for R25.

The Pixel Lab

All of the products from The Pixel Lab are compatible with R25. Below, watch a tutorial on how to install a .lib4D in the new version of Cinema 4D.

Redshift by Maxon

As you probably could have guessed, Redshift was one of the first tools to be announced as compatible with R25.


RizomUV Virtual Spaces and Real Spaces are compatible with Cinema 4D R25 via the bridge.


v2021.9 is fully compatible with R25. Learn more