AE 2022 & Multi-Frame Rendering Support List

The list below includes products that have been updated to support After Effects 22.0’s Multi-Frame Rendering feature. With 2022, Adobe introduced Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR). All products below are compatible with 2022, with certain products confirmed with Toolfarm as supporting the MFR function.

Please note this list may be outdated and/or incomplete, please double-check your product’s system requirements before purchase.

Boris FX

Mocha Pro 2022, which came out October 6, supports MFR.

Continuum 2022 and Sapphire 2022 support After Effects 2022 and MFR.

BRGA Entertainment

LongShadow 2 supports AE 2022.

Cycore FX

Cycore FX CFX Path Tools & CFX Sphere Utilities v1.3 support MFR.


Templater products v2.9.7 are updated for AE 2022.


Flair and Lenscare for After Effects now support MFR (multi-frame rendering)

Ian Haigh

Ease and Wizz updated for AE 2022.


Volna 2.0 and Reka Grid both work in AE 2022.

Lasse Lauch

AEC4D PRO supports AE 2022.


All products are updated to work in AE 2022.


Red Giant Plugins, including Trapcode, support MFR. Be sure to download the current version.

Mekajiki RenderGarden

Version 1.2 includes support for MFR. There is a patch available to update your software to v1.2.

RE:Vision Effects

The versions below are the initial release with Multi-Frame Rendering support, some of which came out earlier this year.

  • DEFlicker 2.2.1
  • DE:Noise v3.4
  • FieldsKit 4.0
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur v6.3 Beta had inital support. Currently on v6.4 (as of Oct 26, 2021)
  • RE:Fill 3.0
  • RE:Flex v5.5
  • RE:Grade v1.2
  • RE:Lens v2.3.1 (included MFR fix)
  • RE:Map v4.1
  • RE:Match v2.5
  • Shade/Shape 5.0
  • SmoothKit 4.0.1
  • Twixtor 7.5.1


Rowbyte products are updated with MFR support. The distortion plugins were updated for MFR support in August.

Plexus v3.2.0 includes Multi Frame Rendering (MFR) Support.


Stardust 1.6.0b supports AE 2022

Video Copilot

All plugins support AE 2022 as of November 18, 2021. Be sure to update your plugins to the lastest versions.