Video Copilot FAQ

How many computers can I run my Video Copilot products on?

Products can be installed on up to two machines. This includes a workstation and a personal machine or laptop. The product cannot be used simultaneously on both machines by two separate artists. This would require additional licenses.

Help! I need to move my Video Copilot licenses to another computer.

  1. If possible, delete the software on your old computer.
  2. Go to and log into your account. In this portal, download your software to reinstall it on your new system.

Troubleshooting Video Copilot Products

Installation error: Damaged installer

If you’re seeing this error, below, with any of your Video Copilot tools, there may be an issue extracting or mounting the DMG to an extracting error.

To alleviate the issue:

  1. Copy the installer from the mounted disk image itself (right click the mounted DMG file and choose “copy”).
  2. Then, copy that to a folder on your Desktop.
  3. Run the installer from that folder.

Red X Watermark appearing on Twitch

This indicates a problem with the installation. The Twitch plug-in file and the key file (twitch_ae.key) need to be placed directly inside of your After Effects Plug-ins folder and not in a subfolder. **Refer to the install guide here: **