Boris FX Continuum FCP FAQ

Q: What versions of FCP and Motion is Continuum 2021 FCP compatible with?

A: Continuum FCP 2021 is fully supported for FCP 10.5.4 on macOS 10.15.6 or later.

Q: Does Continuum FCP 2021 run on the new Apple M1 computers?

A: Yes! Continuum FCP 2021 can be used via Rosetta 2 on Apple hardware with M1 processors. Native M1 support for Continuum is coming soon!

Q: If I’m on a current Continuum FCP subscription or valid upgrade & support plan, do I get the update free?

A: Yes! All customers with an active subscription plan or valid upgrade & support plan are eligible for all updates free of charge.

Q: What are the main differences between Continuum FCP 2021 and Continuum FCP (2020 or older versions)

A: Continuum FCP 2021 has been rebuilt from the ground up to offer blazing fast render speeds in FCP, delivering up to 10x faster workflows depending on your specific Apple hardware. Every effect in Continuum FCP 2021 is GPU-accelerated, HDR compliant, and includes OCIO support for color management.

There are no cross-over filters, generators, or transitions from Continuum FCP 2021 and previous versions of Continuum FCP (2020 or older). It is a completely new product that is installed alongside any previous installations of Continuum.

Q: What happens when I need to open FCP projects using legacy Continuum effects? Will the legacy versions continue to work?

A: Yes! Since Continuum FCP 2021 installs alongside previous versions of Continuum, all legacy projects which include effects from prior versions of Continuum will continue to render without issues. Moving forward, we suggest you use Continuum FCP 2021 exclusively for optimal results.

Q. Will my Continuum FCP 2021 license work on multiple computers?

A: All Boris FX licenses allow for one activation per workstation. If you would like to move your Continuum FCP 2021 license between multiple workstations, you can download the Boris FX Application Manager to easily deactivate your license and reactivate it on a different computer. For customers with more than 5 licenses, please contact for information on upgrading to a floating license server.