Cinema 4D S24 Compatibility List

Cinema 4D S24 Compatibility

This is an updated list of plugins that are compatible with Maxon Cinema 4D S24. We have put together a list of products and information to keep you informed about plug-in and product compatibility. So, bookmark this page for updates!

As with any major release, the issue of compatibility comes into play. Indeed, developers are working diligently to make sure everything will work smoothly with the new R24 release. Some plugins will not require an update to work in S24. If you are a vendor and you’d like your information added to the list below, contact

Cinema 4D S24 Compatible Plugins


Officially supported in S24 with hotfix v6 works in S24.


Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 2) provides support for Cinema 4D S24.

DEM Earth

v4.357 is Cinema 4D S24 compatible.



All of Eyedesyn’s Cinema 4D plugins are compatible with S24, with the exception of Text Edge Pro.


Plus Members

You’ll need to download and install the S24 version of the HUB. It’s the same procedure as you’ve done for R20-R23.

Here are the details for getting your Plus Plugins updated:

  1. Visit the HUB Installation page here.
  2. Choose your Operating System and your version of C4D.
  3. Watch the install video above to see how to install your HUB and reconnect your Asset Library.
  4. Restart Cinema 4D and start enjoying your Plus Plugins.

Perpetual License Holders

New installers are available for the following Greyscalegorilla Products, adding compatibility for the latest (S24) release:

  • CityKit
  • GorillaCam
  • HDRI Link
  • HDRI Studio Rig
  • Light Kit Pro (Versions 2, 3, and Light Kit Pro Suite)
  • Pop Studio and Product Studio Presets for Light Kit Pro
  • Signal
  • Topcoat
  • Transform

If you would like new installers for use with S24, please contact with your order # and we will send you updated links.

S24 will be the final update for anyone with a perpetual license. As per our new Licensing Update, we no longer offer perpetual licenses for our products. To remain up-to-date with the latest versions of our plugins after S24, check out Plus.


Cycles 4D

Cycles 4D Build 550 runs in R14 to S24.


The latest build, Build 895, is compatible with Cinema 4D R14 through to S24.

Jawset TurbulenceFD

Build 1471 on Windows and Build 1471 on Mac adds support for Cinema 4D S24.
Update for licensed users
Free learning edition


Laubwerk Player 1.0.38 and SurfaceSPREAD 2.0.5 support Cinema 4D S24. In addition, all Plants Kits are ready for S24.


HDR Light Studio Xenon Drop 3, which came out in mid-May 2021, has S24 compatibility.

Mike Udin

Batch Processor and File Sequence Exporter are S24 compatible.  


The current version, 3.0.36 is fully compatible.


Compatible with Cinema 4D R24.037.