DaVinci Resolve FAQ

Can I Get Resolve Studio as a Download Delivery?

That’s right, get Resolve Studio via Download Delivery at Toolfarm! Download today and start using Resolve Studio right away, and we’ll email you the serial. In fact, this is something that Toolfarm offers that you won’t find anywhere else.

My Resolve Studio Serial number isn’t working.

There are several reasons why your serial number may not be working, and they are all fairly simple.

  1. Occasionally a character in the serial number scans wrong, like a 1 for an l, or a 0 for an O. Please contact us and we can double-check this.
  2. In certain cases, Blackmagic’s server could be down. Simply wait for a bit and try again.
  3. There also could be a firewall issue on your end that is preventing your computer from talking to Blackmagic’s servers. Some people use a VPN to connect to get around this.

How do I move my Resolve Studio or Fusion Studio license to a new computer?

If you’re moving your license to a new computer, there is no need to reset the activation because they simply roll from one to the next. For clarification, each code can be activated on two machines simultaneously. If someone attempts to activate it on a third machine, the code will activate the third machine, but the next time the two “other” machines go online they will be deactivated. Basically, if a third activation is attempted, it automatically wipes the first two and starts over.

Why is the current version listed as a beta?

Blackmagic Design promotes the beta versions on their site with all of the details, however, the release version is also available and you can download and work with that. Your serial number is good for any available version of Resolve Studio and is a lifetime license, so you will never have to pay for an upgrade.