Greyscalegorilla Plus FAQ

What is Greyscalegorilla Plus?

Greyscalegorilla Plus is a subscription service with a growing library of downloadable materials and assets; plugins; and in-depth training series.

How Much Does Greyscalegorilla Plus Cost?

Greyscalegorilla Plus costs $399/year for an annual subscription.

How many computers can I run my Greyscalegorilla license on?

Greyscalegorilla Plus can be used on two computers with Plus Everywhere. (19 May 2022)

Older perpetual licenses can be installed and run on two machines.

How often is new content added?

New content is added frequently, and the value of Plus is always expanding.

Updates are released on average every 4-8 weeks, with a focus on quality content.

My new updates aren’t showing up in the Greyscalegorilla HUB. Help!

If your new materials, plugins or other tools aren’t showing up for download try this first:

  1. Open the Greyscalegorilla HUB.
  2. Click “Help/Check For Updates”
  3. Your updates and new downloads should show up in your HUB.

How can I watch the training?

Training is streaming only and requires an internet connection.

Greyscalegorilla Plus features a responsive design suitable for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

For large teams working in restricted environments without an internet connection, contact our sales team.

For a list of existing training, upcoming training, and course previews, visit the Greyscalegorilla Plus preview page or download this PDF.

Can I still use these Plugins and Materials if I cancel my membership?

Any previously created scene file or render, made while you were an active Plus member, is still available for you to use, alter, and re-render. However, you cannot use those assets in any new scene files.

If you choose to cancel your Plus membership, you lose your license and ability to use any Assets or Plugins in any new projects. 

  1. You will lose access to all Materials, Plugins, Assets, and Training available in Plus.
  2. You will lose access to the Plus Library and forgo your license to use any new materials or assets in new projects.

You need an active subscription to continue using your Plus tools.

As long as you are an active Greyscalegorilla Plus license holder, you have full access to use all included Plus assets in your Commercial work. We created these Plugins and Assets specifically to use in commercial work

Check out our Plus Licensing FAQ for a breakdown of Plus. You can read the full license agreement here

If you have any questions about your Plus license, please contact support.

Are the plugins included with Plus compatible with Team Render and Command Line Rendering?

The plugins now run without any licensing requirements for Team Render Clients, as well as when run via the Command Line (for render farms). However, we require that networks with 5 or more render clients have an annual Plus account. This means that monthly Plus subscribers may use up to 5 render nodes at once.

This requires that you’ve updated the HUB to v1.113 or higher, and the plugins must be at v1.010 or higher.

To install plugins in your clients using C4D R21 and up: 

  1. Make a plugin folder, and copy the plugins from your Greyscalegorilla folder into it.
  2. Copy the HUB plugin folder into this folder as well. 
  3. From the C4D Client, go to the preferences and set the Plugins path to the plugin folder you created. Team Render→File→Preferences→Plugins→Search Path.
  4. Restart the client.


You can now use the Plus plugins with that render client or for command-line rendering.

To install plugins in your clients using C4D R20: 

To get the plugins working on C4D R20, you just need to make sure the plugins are referenced somewhere by C4D: Either in the plugins folder of C4D’s preferences or in the plugin folder in the application directory.

How do I cancel GSG Plus?

We think you will love Greyscalegorilla Plus. But if you decide to leave you can cancel in the first 60 days for a full refund.

Or, you can unsubscribe after a year to cancel your access to Greyscalegorilla Plus. Please note: there are no refunds on monthly subscription memberships.