Greyscalegorilla for Teams


Greyscalegorilla for Teams
Greyscalegorilla for Teams

Your one stop to get everything your team needs

Greyscalegorilla for Teams includes every Greyscalegorilla Cinema 4D plugin, material collection, asset library, and professional training series. An annual subscription includes all upgrades, support, maintenance, and render nodes. There are no hidden fees. Our Teams program is available to customers ordering 5 or more licenses.

  • Get industry-standard tools and training for your team
  • Stay Up to date with new software and techniques
  • Build an improved and more efficient pipeline
  • Best Value For Teams of 5 or more

What’s the difference between Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla for Teams?

We’ve broken it down for you in an easy to understand chart.

Compare Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla Teams


Award-winning plugins for Cinema 4D


Materials and textures for Cinema 4D, Arnold, Redshift, and Octane

Pro Training

Access the entire Greyscalegorilla Plus library

Teams Exclusive Services

In addition, Teams receives the following benefits,

  • Exclusive benefits for Teams customers
  • Easy Deployment and Management for IT
  • High priority customer support
  • Exclusive Product and workflow training
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Purchase orders and consolidated billing
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Unlimited render only licenses
  • Discounts on 1 on 1 training

ALL tools + training

gsg teams lightingLighting tools

Greyscalegorilla for Teams comes with all of the GSG award-winning plugins, including Light Kit Pro 3, HDRI Link, HDRI Studio Rig, and over 500 HDRI.


gsg teams animation pluginsAnimation Plugins

Speed up your animation workflow with tools such as GorillaCam, Signal, Transform, and City Kit.


gag teams materials and assetsMaterials and Assets

A curated library of over 1200 materials and textures. Not only that, get hundreds of workflow tools like LUTs and overlays.


gsg teams trainingAdvanced training

Access the Greyscalegorilla Plus library. Stream pro training for 3D tools such as Cinema 4D, Redshift, Houdini, X-Particles, and more.

Burning Question: Greyscalegorilla Plus vs. Greyscalegorilla for Teams

Find out whether Greyscalegorilla Plus or Greyscalegorilla for Teams is a better fit for your plugins, training, and materials needs.


Exploring GorillaCam from Greyscalegorilla

Chad and Chris demonstrate most of the fun new features in the new GorillaCam, in this recorded live stream. They answer some questions from viewers, too.