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New at Toolfarm: Martinic Audio Plug-ins are Now Available

martinic audio plug-ins

Toolfarm is proud to now offer the full line of Martinic audio products.  These plug-in are designed with a focus on quality and innovation.  All Martinic products are currently 30% off through December 5, 2022.

About Martinic

Martinic was founded in Schagen, The Netherlands, in 1993 as a software and IT solutions provider. Since 2010, we have specialized in developing software instruments and effects for musicians and producers. And, in 2016 we began releasing audio plugins commercially under our own brand, beginning with the Scanner Vibrato virtual effect plugin.

Some of our work remains the best kept secret in the virtual instrument space – working under license for other music software companies, we’ve created some of the most respected synthesizer emulations in the business. Long-time fans may know us for our combo organ emulations, but we’ve also turned our hand to both analog and digital vintage synthesizers, some of which you probably know.

All of the plugins the Martinic team has developed use our state-of-the-art circuit modelling process known as ACE – Advanced Circuitry Emulation. This proprietary method was developed by our team to accurately recreate both analog and digital circuitry for the purpose of modeling vintage musical instruments and effects with incredible precision. Plugins powered by ACE are not sample libraries; they are designed with faithfully recreated components that are brought to life in the software realm.

Below is a sample of their product listings.  Click the Browse All button to view their full line of products.

Browse all Martinic products


Martinic Scanner VibratoMartinic Scanner Vibrato

Exactly like the real thing

Scanner Vibrato is a plug-in that recreates the scanner-vibrato effect from a well-known tonewheel organ.

The newly updated Scanner Vibrato is a virtual effect plugin that precisely recreates the scanner-vibrato effect from the legendary tonewheel organ we all love. Now improved with Martinic's trademarked ACE® modeling technique.

Learn MoreTry Martinic Scanner Vibrato for free!


Martinic AX73Martinic AX73

A powerful 80's analog synth, reborn as a VST/AU plug-in with modern enhancements

The Martinic AX73 combines a perfect analog modeling of the original with additional features fit for the 21st century.

In 1986, the synth skies were studded with digital technology. That’s why the original AX73, with its proudly all-analog signal path ended up flying under the radar. Martinic has taken what was great about the original AX73 and elevated it into a powerful, flexible software instrument that fits right into the modern producer’s lineup of go-to synths.

With four analog oscillators across two synth layers, unique modulation features, extended performance options, and an eight-module effects section, this plugin AX73 (VST/AU) unleashes the full power of the original hardware and more – no menu diving required, and all perfectly modeled through our Advanced Circuitry Emulation technology. And, it includes a generous lineup of 600+ inspiring presets to get you started right away.

Learn MoreTry Martinic AX73 for free!


Martinic Retro PackMartinic Retro Pack

The past in a bundle

Achieve authentic vintage vibes “in-the-box” with the Martinic Retro Pack. This bundle of precisely modelled instruments and effects will allow you to recreate that nostalgic mojo without the need for a time machine.

Includes Elka Panther, Kee Bass, Lem Echo Music and Scanner Vibrato.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha