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New: Coremelt DriveX 4 – Apple Silicon Native & More

Coremelt has updated DriveX with Apple Silicon support, updated 3D templates using 3D objects, and GPU acceleration.  Now you can add tracked 3D text or particle effects even faster! This update is free.  Try a free trial of Coremelt DriveX 4 today.

CoreMelt DriveX powered by mocha

CoreMelt DriveX powered by mocha

Track 3D text and particles inside FCPX

Track 3D text and particles inside FCPX with the full power of Mocha tracking with Coremelt DriveX.

DriveX 4 allows you to add tracked 3D text or particle effects that react realistically to movement. Add tracked smoke, fire, light trails, sparks or many other effects. Track 3D text to follow camera movement in the background with lighting and perspective changes.

Now you can harness the full power of Mocha tracking with complex 3D effects particles and complex motion graphics.CoreMelt DriveX allows advanced users to link any parameters inside an Apple Motion Template to track data, and publish the result as an FCP X effect. DriveX includes 40 motion templates to get you started.

Learn MoreTry CoreMelt DriveX powered by mocha for free!

The latest versions of CoreMelt products are installed using the CoreMelt Manager.

cormeelt drivex text and callouts

What’s new in Coremelt DriveX 4?

  • Apple Silicon Native
  • New templates using 3D objects
    • DriveX 4 Templates are now under these four categories. C2 DriveX 4 Effects and C2 DriveX Particles under Effects. C2 DriveX 4 3D Text and C2 DriveX 4 Callouts under Titles.
  • GPU accelerated tracking


DriveX 4 cannot read the project files created with the previous (non-Apple Silicon native) versions of DriveX. If you want to load projects which use the old version of DriveX, you must open Final Cut Pro in Rosetta2 mode.

In all other cases, use the Silicon native effect versions located in “C2 DriveX 4”.

By default, the old version is still installed: “C2 DriveX 4” categories are the new versions under both titles and effects.  “C2 DriveX” categories contains the legacy versions of the plugin. If you want to remove the old effects, see this support note.

If you do leave the old versions installed, it is normal to see an error message about VTwinFx when opening Final Cut Pro in native mode. please see this support note.

coremelt drivex effects and particles



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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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