New/Updates: 6 New and Updated FxFactory FXPacks

6 new fxpacks

We’ve added 4 new FxFactory products from CrumplePop, FxFactory, Stupid Raisins and idustrial revolution, and we’ve update 2 Stupid Raisins products.  They all have a demo, so try one today!

New FxFactory Products

CrumplePop AudioDenoise AICrumplePop AudioDenoise AI

Plugin for removing noise from your videos and podcasts

CrumplePop AudioDenoise AI removes hiss, background noise, and hum from your audio – right inside FCP, Premiere, Logic, Garageband, Audition, and DaVinci Resolve.

Learn MoreTry CrumplePop AudioDenoise AI for free!


FxFactory ShapesFxFactory Shapes

Foundational Shapes and Effects for creative, animated results

FxFactory Shapes offers Foundational Shapes and Effects for creative, animated results.

Learn MoreTry FxFactory Shapes for free!


Stupid Raisins Motion PopStupid Raisins Motion Pop

Build Complex Animations without Complex Keyframing

Go bananas over Motion Pop’s unique, whimsical and playful 90 animated motion presets! It’s got in, out and through animations to add super quick motions, smooth looping animations and tons of personality to anything in your videos; images, clips, logos and cartoons – all without keyframing!

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins Motion Pop for free!


idustrial revolution Xeffects Folding Slideshowidustrial revolution Xeffects Folding Slideshow

Reveal text and video by folding in 3D

XEffects Folding Slideshow is a set of beautiful animating plugins that reveal text, a drop zone, panels or combinations of all three by folding on in 3D.

Make gorgeous animating slideshows by folding on the next image. You can add customizable text, a drop zone, a coloured panel or use all three together.

Learn MoreTry idustrial revolution Xeffects Folding Slideshow for free!

Updated FxFactory products


Stupid Raisins Callout Pop for FCPXStupid Raisins Callout Pop for FCPX

75 Motion-Trackable Callouts for Final Cut Pro

Point out must-see, can’t miss parts of your videos with Callout Pop: a pack of 75 motion-trackable callouts for Final Cut Pro! Clarify important parts of your video, highlight interviews or send a clear message without boring text or voiceover. Yes, you can even zoom in for closeups showing specific parts of occasions, celebrations, presentations, locations and destinations in your videos. Tons of callout choices for all your video projects!

What's new in version 3?

  • 45 new animations

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins Callout Pop for FCPX for free!


Stupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPXStupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPX

Over a thousand hand-drawn and animated whiteboard sketches

Story Pop’s got 1026 hand-drawn sketches perfect for your next whiteboard video. With Story Pop, you’ve got a thousand ways to tell every story, teach lessons and explain complex subjects with drawings of people, countries, buildings, gadgets, sports, animals, jobs, food and so much more. With this many choices, your stories never get old.

What's new in version 3?

  • We have added 388 new drawings making it a grand total of 1026 drawings. That means new drawings for all themes, new themes, new build-out animations, improved on-screen controls, 3 bonus backgrounds, and 1 new transition.

Learn MoreTry Stupid Raisins Story Pop for FCPX for free!


Note: All of these products require FxFactory to run, which is a Free Demo!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha