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Update: Audio Design Desk – New Sound Design ‘Hits’ Series

audio design desk hits series

Audio Design Desk has just introduced another new sound design series for the DAW that lets you work at the speed of thought.  The new series, Hits Vol 1, is a holistic collection of cinematic sound design elements for your projects.

Hits Vol 1 for Audio Design Desk

Hits Vol 1 is a holistic collection of cinematic sound design hits for your projects. It features a wide selection of synthetic, organic, and hybrid hits totaling 206 royalty-free sound effects. Add dramatic impact to a critical moment, ratchet up the intensity of a transition, or make a riveting trailer. Hits are an essential part of the cinematic sound world. Make sure you add this pack to your sonic arsenal.


Download Hits Vol 1 right now in the AudioDesign Desk sound pack manager. Just press ^⌥⌘O or select “SoundPack Manager” under the Library tab.

Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk

Sound Design Reimagined - Comes with 70,000+ Sounds and Music Cues!

Audio Design Desk is a Digital Audio Workstation merged with an enormous royalty free library that uses AI to assist editors in creating sound for their videos 10x faster than any other software.

With Audio Design Desk, you can create music for your videos at the speed of thought using trigger pads and our Music Construction Kits. Whether you’re scoring a scene or writing a hip hop masterpiece, Audio Design Desk has the goods to get you started—and the ease of use to keep you in the flow.

Whether you are designing a promo, a post or a feature film, with Audio Design Desk, you will work faster than you ever thought possible. Guaranteed.

Learn MoreTry Audio Design Desk for free!


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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