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Update: Synchro Arts RePitch v1.2 – Changes to macros, snap control, scale management and more

synchro arts repitch v1.2

Synchro Arts has updated RePitch to verion 1.2, adding lots of changes, a few new features such as Multi-Region EditingMode, and many improvements and fixes.

Synchro Arts RePitch Standard

Synchro Arts RePitch Standard

Natural Vocal Pitch Editing Plug-in

RePitch is Synchro Arts plugin that can automatically correct pitch or allow the user to modify the detailed pitch, timing, level and formants of a single-pitched audio signal input in most popular DAWs.

Using our new, unique SynchroLink technology, RePitch can also seamlessly provide the Guide tracks to VocAlign Ultra, automatically transferring the Guide's timing and/or pitch characteristics to one or more other audio signals.


RePitch can be used for many corrective and creative purposes, including:

In music production:

  • Tuning lead or backing vocals and instrumental parts
  • Modifying the vocal creatively in terms of pitch and/or timing
  • Creating harmonies

In post production:

  • Changing the pitch, inflection or timing of dialogue tracks
  • Changing the vocal timbre or even perceived gender of an actor’s performance

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What’s new in RePitch version 1.2?


  • Changes to macros, snap control and scale management
    • In Scale menu, you can add new scales and use a selected scale in Macros which will not be overwritten by the measured scale.
    • The Detected (“Measured”) scale will be shown in the Scale menu and kept in the Scale Window’s Active Scale list.
    • The Snap switch, when ON, now:
      • Makes “Snapping” operations use the displayed Scale’s notes
      • Turns ON the display of only the allowed Scale notes in the Main Window
    • Factory Macros are simplified
  • NEW Multi-Region EditingMode – Editing functions are now supported across multiple regions (when they exist).
    • The main reason for the Single Region Mode is to be able to select only one Region when they overlap.
    • The new mode switch in the top tool bar switches between Multiple and Single region modes
    • In Multiple and Single Region Editing modes you can:
      • Select notes across regions and edit all at the same time
      • Use the Correct Pitch and Draw tools across regions
      • Apply Macros to notes in all the Region(s)
      • Use the right/left Arrow keys to step through notes across regions
      • Select Region for VocAlign Ultra to access it as Guide audio (mainly for Studio One)
      • Delete a selected Region when you have Real-time Captured regions.
      • In Single Region Editing mode you can isolate the selected Region and not see any other Regions.

User Interface

  • Undo and Redo the capture of audio in Real-time mode
    • You will get a warning notice when you delete audio
    • Undo and Redo operations are now faster for the draw tool and correct pitch
    • Undo of Draw Tool operations is now much faster
  • Note name area in left border – new functions
    • Note name area can be clicked to hear the note frequency
    • Toggle a note’s allowable state ON or OFF by right clicking over the note’s label area and selecting “Toggle Note”
    • Snap button turns ON/OFF off the Allowed Notes display and snapping action.

Other Improvements

  • Show start & ends of multiple Regions in main and overview windows and Selected Region (grey) range bar at top of screen under Playback Loop “track”.
  • Clearer “Playhead” and smoother movement.
  • Faster Screen updates: Screen redraws should be significantly faster.


  • New local playback engine.
    • Plays across regions
    • Plays local loops
    • Allows audio scrubbing (put mouse cursor on Playback head and drag left and right)
  • Playback Loop operation improved
    • You can Jump to the start of a Playback Loop from anywhere in the timeline (even if loop range is not visible in RePitch)
    • Playback loops back to start from the end of a Playback Loop for local playback
    • If you have a Playback Loop, you can use its range to select the audio that crosses and are within its boundaries.
    • Playback Loops new now work in AAX and Real-Time VST and AU RePitch versions.


  • Zoom to selected range (Z key) and back out using Z key now works after doing other operations in between Z key presses.


  • Better file management to prevent excessive disk use (unnecessary files are deleted when DAW / RePitch is closed)


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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