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v3.x FilmConvert Bundle of All Host Plug-ins

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FilmConvert Bundle of All Host Plug-ins


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Give Digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite film stocks

FilmConvert Nitrate helps your ideas come to life with our custom-designed film stocks, halation and grain structures, giving your projects the dreamy, classic look of celluloid film.

Get access to all FilmConvert plugins with the Bundle License.  It is perfect if you work across more than one editing software when in post-production.



FilmConvert Nitrate allows your artistic visions to come to life with custom-designed film stocks and grain structures, to achieve the authentic look and feel of film.

Upgrade your FilmConvert Pro Bundle to a Nitrate Bundle and get the power of NItrate across every platform FilmConvert supports!

Halation Add-on

Our latest Halation feature accurately mimics how halation occurs on film, by meticulously tracing the light coming through in your image to determine where and how halation should behave on your image.

Our Halation is the perfect finishing touch to your creative grade, that emphasizes the organic and tactile feeling of film achieved through our emulations. It adds an innate softness to your image, adding to the dreamy and romantic feeling of celluloid film, elevating your grade to the next level.

What is halation?

Halation is a by-product that comes from shooting on film, when bright parts of an image gain a red glow or ‘halo’. Film strips are made of different emulsion layers which capture light within the blue, green, and red channels; alongside an anti-halation backing layer that absorbs excess light. With particularly bright images, light can often refract off the anti-halation backing and back into the red channel, which causes halation to occur. This is most commonly seen on bright light sources, such as lamps, car headlights, and neon signs.

35 mm Digital Footage with Halation

How does Halation in FilmConvert Nitrate work?

  • Genuine – Mimics where halation would naturally occur if shot on film.
  • Intuitive – Intuitive controls for anyone at any level of editing.
  • Fast – Quick and easy edit, playback, and render speeds with halation turned on.
  • Fully Customizable – Customize the halation settings to your liking, either by sticking to the default settings or adjusting it to your own preferences.

Camera profiles

We work with a wide range of popular cameras to deliver the most precise picture profiles available. We then use those profiles to match to your chosen film stocks to create a stunning and accurate result.

Our Camera Packs contain accurate data for each Camera Picture Style so we can tailor each film stock to your camera, allowing authentic Film Stock looks across a wide range of cameras and settings. We continue to work directly with camera companies to bring you the latest profiles.

Your FilmConvert license gives you access to all the camera packs currently available + 12 months of new camera pack updates

Download free camera profile

See individual plugin details for System Requirements.


Current FilmConvert Camera profiles

Camera ManufacturerCamera Model
AppleiPhoneiPhone 12 Pro/MaxiPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 14 ProiPhone 15 Pro
ArriArri AlexaAlexa Mini
Blackmagic DesignCinema Camera 2.5KCinema Camera 4KPocket Cinema Camera
Pocket Cinema Camera 4KPocket Cinema Camera 6KURSA Mini Pro / 4.6K
URSA Mini Pro G2
CanonCanon 1DCCanon 1DX mk2Canon 550D / T2i
Canon 5D MkIICanon 5D MkIIICanon 5D MkIV
Canon 600D / T3iCanon 6DCanon 7D / 60D
Canon 80DCanon C70Canon C100
Canon C100 Mark IICanon C200Canon C300
Canon C300 Mark IICanon C300 Mark IIICanon C500 Mark II
Canon EOS RCanon 6D Mk II - EOS RPCanon EOS R3
Canon EOS R5Canon EOS R5 CCanon EOS R6
Canon EOS R6 Mark IICanon EOS R7Canon EOS R8
Canon M50Canon XC10Canon XF300
Digital BolexDigital Bolex D16
DJIDJI Air 2SDJI Air 3DJI Mavic 2 Pro
DJI Mavic 3 CineDJI Mavic AirDJI Mavic Pro
DJI Mini 3 ProDJI Mini 4 ProDJI Osmo Pocket 3
DJI Phantom 4 / OsmoDJI Phantom 4 ProDJI X3
FujifilmFujifilm X-H2SFujifilm XT2Fujifilm XT3
Fujifilm XT4FujifilmX-T5
GoProGoPro Hero3GoPro Hero4GoPro Hero5
GoPro Hero8GoPro Hero 10GoPro HERO11 Black
GoPro Hero 12
KinefinityKineMAX 6KKineMINI 4K
NikonNikon D7000Nikon D750Nikon D800
Nikon Z 6Nikon Z9
PanasonicPanasonic DVX200Panasonic EVA1Panasonic G85
Panasonic G9Panasonic GH2Panasonic GH3
Panasonic GH4 + V-LogPanasonic GH5Panasonic GH5S
Panasonic Lumix GH6Panasonic Lumix S5 IIXPanasonic S1
Panasonic S1HPanasonic S5Panasonic Vericam LT
RedRed DragonRed Helium - WeaponRed Helium EPIC-W
Red KomodoRed One
SamsungSamsung NX1Samsung S8
SigmaSigma fp
SonySony A1Sony A6300Sony A6400
Sony A6500sony A6600
Sony A7 IVSony A7r mk2Sony A7r mk3
Sony A7r mk4Sony A7RIVSony A7s
Sony A7s mk2Sony A7 mk3Sony A7S III
Sony AX700Sony EX1 / EX3Sony F55
Sony FDR X3000Sony FS5Sony FS7
Sony FS7000 / FS100FX6FX9
Sony FX30Sony RX0Sony RX100 IV - RX10 II
Sony RX100 VSony VENICESony ZV-1
Sony ZV-E1Sony ZV-E10
Z CamE2-S6Z Cam E2

Download your latest camera profile today!

FilmConvert camera profiles are dedicated data packs that increase the color accuracy for your footage.

The data packs work in both the FilmConvert plugins and desktop app grading software. They cannot be loaded into your camera, but you can use the plugin software to export a LUT with your color settings to use in-camera if you wish.

You can download our most recent camera profiles below. If we don’t currently support your camera, you can request it here.

If we don’t have an exact match for your camera, never fear! You can still use our software to achieve a stunning result. We advise you to have a play with some of the different camera profile packs, especially within the same manufacturer.

Note: These Camera Packs need the latest version of FilmConvert for full compatibility

Download free camera profile

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Customer Reviews

Grading for Speedy Workflows

FilmConvert does not replace color grading - it enhances it! Like many others, I have found that it's extremely good at what it does: Emulating the look of film stock. Especially if you have very fast turnarounds, FilmConvert can come in handy because if you got your exposure and white balance right you can just slap it on say an adjustment layer, pick a film stock that suits the mood, tweak the intensity to your liking and voila, you're done. If you need to do some color correction before you get to working on a look for your footage, you can do that also within FilmConvert, although I personally prefer to work in a dedicated grading program like SpeedGrade for this. But that's the beauty of it: You're completely free to do the correction and part of your look in SpeedGrade, then switch over to Premiere and take your look further with FilmConvert! For me this has proven to be a very valuable tool in my color workflow. It doesn't matter what you shoot with, be it C300 or GoPro or anything else, there's a good chance that FilmConvert has a profile for it. I use the plugin version for Premiere on a Mac (which has always worked flawlessly and never crashed so far).

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Manuel Imboden
Date: July 11, 2014

filmconvert halation tutorial

FilmConvert Nitrate Halation Tutorials for Premiere Pro, FCPX & Resolve

Halation is a by-product that comes from shooting on film, when bright parts of an image gain a red glow or ‘halo’. These tutorials explain how to create this effect with the Halation Add-on available with FilmConvert Nitrate, in the host of your choice.

filmconvert nitrate tutorial

Filmconvert Nitrate: Color Grading Tips #gettingstarted

In this tutorial, Gerald Undone offers color grading tips and talks about some of the improvements of Filmconvert Nitrate.  Nitrate is only currently available for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, but versions for DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Vegas and more are coming soon.


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