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GEOlayers 3 for After Effects


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Design and animate maps directly in After Effects

Rebuilt from the ground up with tons of new features and faster and more powerful than ever!

GEOlayers 3 lets you design and animate maps directly in After Effects.

It renders custom maps for you from different online data sources. It also provides direct access to extensive databases of geospatial features of the world. You can easily draw buildings to After Effects shape layers, highlight country borders, streets, lakes, rivers, places, regions, animate driving routes, and extrude buildings. Integrate anything in the world that has geodata as an editable asset in After Effects.

GEOlayers 3 comes with a large set of default map styles. But that’s not all. One-click lets you create a style from the colors of a composition, an image or Adobe Swatch file. You can also retrieve imagery from any common image-based tile server. Platforms such as Mapbox can bring all its advantages of customizable base maps directly into After Effects.

What’s new in GEOlayers 3

Version 3 is rebuilt from scratch. Since version 2, we’ve been collecting user input and improving the extension. GEOlayers 3 has been developed to fit your needs.

    • New UI
    • Maps can be pitched and rotated in 3D
    • Automatic Labels
    • Mapstyling directly in After Effects
    • Faster Finalization
    • Scripting API

…and much more

In order to make all this possible, After Effects CC 2015 (13.6) or higher is required. Legacy projects created with GEOlayers version 1 or 2 are not supported by GEOlayers 3. You can still import old GEOlayers 2 server profiles, shape layer styles, and label templates


Animate in 3D Space

Intuitive controls to animate maps in 3D space

You can scroll, zoom, pitch, and rotate your maps inside After Effects, create keyframes and animate them. GEOlayers 3 renders all the imagery for your animation.

Online Search

Find geographical features online

Search online for countries, cities, famous buildings, points of interest, and much more. The features you find can be labeled in your animation, they can be drawn to your map, downloaded, and even exported out for further analysis in an external GIS program.


Style your maps however you want

You can style maps directly inside After Effects. Choose colors, adjust the line width, swap fonts, add hillshading to your maps and even show and hide certain groups of features.


Add labels to your animation

Label features with one click. Use and customize the default label templates or feel free to create your own ones. Every After Effects composition can be used as a label template.


Data Visualization

Create Data-driven shape layer styles.

GEOlayers 3 allows you to easily import datasets in .csv or .tsv file format. Data-driven styling helps you to quickly visualize datasets in After Effects compositions with just a few clicks.

3D Landscapes

Create 3D landscapes with one click

If you have Trapcode Mir 3, Mettle FreeFormPro, or Rowbyte Plexus 3 installed you can create gorgeous 3D landscapes setups in one click. You can achieve stunning animations based on real elevation data.


geolayers 3 mapdata

Mapdata Subscription

An easy way to license mapdata for your video projects.

We offer a very easy way to access and license mapdata for your commercial and non-commercial projects.

By buying a license for GEOlayers 3 you can use OpenStreetMap-based map data powered by MapTiler Cloud for six months. This empowers GEOlayers 3 to style maps directly inside After Effects, automatically create mapcomp labels in different languages, and a lot more. After the six months, you can, of course, use GEOlayers 3 without any additional cost. Purchase the data subscription only as you need it.

What’s the data subscription for?

It empowers the following features of GEOlayers 3:

  • A data license for your commercial projects. Particularly, attribution is needed and should appear in a corner of the map.
  • For productions with end credits, credit is also welcome.
  • Stylized Mapcomp Imagery
  • Mapcomp Labels in different languages
  • Watermark Mapcomps
  • Feature import for the current view
  • 3D Building drawing


After Effects CC 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015

1.1.6  (Current version)  –  Jul 20, 2020

  • Filter Label Templates and Shape Layer Styles by Mapcomp. Right-click their filter bars to set this up.
  • ‘Draw Mapcomp View’ default script.
  • Advanced Imagery Style has extra color for rail.
  • geolayers3.filesInDir()
  • geolayers3.importProject()
  • geolayers3.modalActions()
  • geolayers3.modalEditObject()
  • Create Log files
  • help update


  • Small fixes

1.1.5 – Jun 28, 2020

-Default Comp specs (Size, Duration, Framerate) can be set in the preferences
-Feature Properties for a whole Feature Collection can be exported to a CSV or TSVfile
-Feature Properties for a whole Feature Collection can be imported from a CSV or TSV file
-GEOlayers asks for missing data if a feature can’t provide all Label Template data fields
-Minor UI improvements and new hints

-Label Templates are not updated after switching project
-Click the UI map to select line features between two vertices does not work
-Small fixes

1.1.4 – Jun 2, 2020


-Bing Imagery Dark, Light, Gray added
-Bing Imagery different language support
-Duration of timed data is displayed in the Feature Properties

Bug fixes:

-Drawing on individual layers errors out in some cases
-Shape Layers created to draw on don’t work correctly on larger scales
-Swapping Shape Layer Styles doesn’t apply different layer blending modes
-Adjusting the label position of trimmed line strings doesn’t work as expected
-Swapping a shape layer style to a style saved in a project created with a previous version of GEOlayers doesn’t work
-Layers pinned with a previous version of GEOlayers break when their expressions get updated
-Small fixes

1.1.3- May 19, 2020


  • Feature’s Label position can be dragged around and centered in the feature properties panel
  • Unpin pinned layers or labels by clicking the pin layer button in the toolbar again
  • Language support for Natural Earth Data
  • UI animations… ok, ok, not really a feature. But so nice to look at!
  • help update


  • Small fixes

1.1.2 – May 11, 2020


  • Shape Layer Styles support layer blending modes
  • Pinned Layers’ animated position can be controlled via “Position Progress” slider
  • Max Zoom can be set in the Mapcomp Settings
  • In the Mapcomp Label settings, you can find a button to create Label Templates
  • Sample Project Elevation
  • Help update


Point Features are sometimes not rendered depending on the zoom and the selected comp renderer. Especially CINEMA 4D

  • Connect features crossing the date border doesn’t work as expected
  • Some Imagery Style Textures are filtered wrong ending up in slightly blurry imagery
  • Overzoomed Raster Imagery is placed with lower zoom level tiles in AE instead of over zoomed textures rendered in the tiles
  • Imagery from Raster Styles above its max zoom are rendered wrong
  • Swap Label Template errors
  • Small fixes

1.1.1  –  Apr 29, 2020

  • Panel won’t init on some machines
  • Error on swap Label Template

1.1.1  –  Apr 28, 2020


  • Panel won’t init on some machines

1.1.0  –  Apr 26, 2020


  • Click the preview map to select Features in the Browser
  • Pinned Layers have Separate Properties for Latitude, Longitude and Height for better control and reduced interpolation inaccuracy


  • Animate View along single Feature doesn’t work with certain Features
  • Subtract Features doesn’t work in some cases
  • Layers animated along Features on street scale are not positioned exactly
  • Small fixes

1.1.0  –  Apr 26, 2020


  • Click the preview map to select Features in the Browser
  • Pinned Layers have Separate Properties for Latitude, Longitude and Height for better control and reduced interpolation inaccuracy
  • Bugfixes:
  • Animate View along single Feature doesn’t work with certain Features
  • Layers animated along Features on street scale are not positioned exactly
  • Small fixes

1.0.9  –  Apr 7, 2020


  • Pick Shape Layer Styles from Layers or certain Shape Layer Content Groups
  • Points inside Polygons tools in Browser
  • Browser Filter performs a looooot faster
  • Browser only shows necessary Feature Collections on filtering
  • Create Data-driven Styles with one click from a Feature Collections Properties panel
  • Open http link properties in the browser from a Featutes Properties panel
  • Animate the view along multiple selected Features
  • geolayers3.addToBrowser supports geojson urls directly
  • autorun.jsx can be run automatically on opening a project
  • Tilemerger supports tms servers
  • geojsons next to the project get loaded automatically when a project is opened via the projects panel
    help updates


  • Labeling Features named by a certain prop error out
  • GEOlayers Mapdata Mapstyles show disputed borders
  • Small fixes

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