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1.x Re:Vision Effects REZup

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Re:Vision Effects REZup


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Re:Vision Effects REZup

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Re:Vision Effects REZup

Enhance the quality (“IQ”) of your content, increase the resolution of your video without loss of detail or introducing artifacts.

Upscale your content with RE:Vision Effects REZup. Improve image quality (“IQ”) and get higher resolution video without compromising any details or introducing weird artifacts.

REZup contains two plug-ins: REZup Enhance and REZup Resize. These plugins provide a unique mix of state-of-the-art video image processing augmented with machine-learning techniques.

REZup Features

Enhance sharpness, contrast, and details

Improve your image “IQ”. Reveal details you did not even know were there.

Upscale with the state-of-the-art A.I.

Better than standard resizing filters like Lanczos or cubic.

Resize or Enhance

Resolution enhancement (same dimension in and out) or upscaling (downscaling too).

REZup features that are uncommon for software using AI Deep Neural Networks (DNN) models include:

  • Supports fractional resizing factors
  • Supports semi-transparent material (alpha sensitive)
  • Supports extended dynamic range values
  • Well-thought-out interface that guides you to address different issues
  • Handles different scaling factors for X and Y dimensions (so will work directly on anamorphic video)

REZup Enhance

Smartly guides you through needed steps to improve the image quality of your footage. Control and adjust the look, sharpness, detail, and contrast to your liking. For example, for a close-up portrait, it might be preferable to tone down adding too much detail, as who wants to see super-clear skin blemishes? You have complete control of what it should look like.

REZup Resize

Adds zoom, ratio, and a reframing window for handling various upscaling scenarios. REZup Resize is trained and tested with 2X, 3X, and 4X models, however, at larger upscaling factors you might need to preprocess your clip with a temporal denoiser like DE:Noise (also part of Effections) or apply REZup Enhance before for best results.

REZup demo 2X

Side-by-Side comparison of a regular resizer versus REZup. Note we cranked up REZup settings on some shots so you can see it does something if you are watching on a small display.

Demo 2X – Lanczos versus REZup

Lancsoz (included for reference in REZup) is considered the best classical upscaling resampling method because it adds a bit of sharpening. Here we push REZup probably a bit more than you want so we can see.

REZup demo 1080P in

Starting from Hd and scaling up 2X and trying 3X and 4X. Note DE:Noise was used for the 4X example resulting in a bit softer image but without scaling up the noise.

Feature Specs

  • Not limited by integer scale – Fractional resizing factor support (digital zoom).
  • Alpha Weighted -Takes into account the alpha value when performing enhancement. Works as expected on semi-transparent values.
  • Extended Dynamic Range – Supports arbitrary image ranges — that is pixel values under 0 and over 1.0 (white).
  • Source Cropping -Supports a source window to frame your resizing.
  • Adaptive UI – UI guides as you make changes, starting safe and simple. Supports various algorithms to handle a variety of edge cases and source footage.
  • Tweak to your liking – Separate controls for sharpness and contrast, noise reduction – not a black box. Make it look just right.
  • Machine Learning Models – Trained on 2X, 3X, and 4X. Larger scaling factors might require pre-processing (e.g. denoising)
  • Functionality varies per Host* – Method to change output resolution of video varies between each app: Workarounds
  • Any Resolution – Great way to upscale your HD video to UHD (4K)

You can also get REZup in RE:Vision Effects Effections Bundle and RE:Vision Effects Effections Plus Bundle.

Supported in After Effects, Autograph, Baselight, Catalyst Edit, Diamant & Dustbuster+, DaVinci Resolve, Flame, Fusion Studio, Grass Valley Rio,  HitFilm,  Natron, Nucoda, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Scratch, Silhouette, Vegas Pro.

Adobe Hosts

  • After Effects CS6 (and up)
  • Premiere Pro CS6 (and up)

Apple Hosts

  • Final Cut Pro 10.1.4 (and up)
  • Motion 5 (and up).

OFX Hosts

  • Autograph (All versions)
  • Baselight 5.2.11675 (and up)
  • Catalyst Edit 2017.2 (and up)
  • DaVinci Resolve 15.0 (and up)
  • Diamant and Dustbuster+ 13.0 (and up)
  • Flame 2019.2 (and up)
  • HitFilm 10.0 (and up)
  • Natron 1 (and up)
  • Scratch 8.6.944 (and up)
  • Silhouette 6.1.3 (and up)
  • Vegas Pro 10.0e (and up)

System Requirements

The same OS and hardware requirements for the version of the Host that you are using.

Version 1.1.1A (OFX, Adobe), 1.2.1 (FCP) | October 21, 2023

  • REVisionActivate 23.10.0, fixes issue in macOS Sonoma not showing up during installation

Version 1.1.1 | August 20, 2023 (OFX)

  • Improves plugin labels.
  • Adds support for OFX Draw Suite in DaVinci Resolve Studio and Fusion Studio 18.5 and over (necessary on Mac), and also in Baselight 6.0 and over.
  • Improves Baselight support (User interface, improves parameter sliders and bug fixes).
  • Improves slider controls in Autodesk Flame.
  • Fixes sporadic issues in Autograph GPU support
  • Fixes red frame issue in VEGAS Pro

Version 1.1.1 | April 13, 2023 (Adobe)

  • Mac: GPU processing could fall on integrated graphics on MacIntel
  • Win: GPU could fall on not fastest GPU with multiple GPU installed

Version 1.1 | March 2, 2023 (FCP)

  • Improves significantly SuperRes methods performance
  • Fixes the Details slider that was not working properly

Version 1.1 | March 1, 2023 (Adobe, Autograph, OFX)

  • Major speed-up with default SuperRes DNN method (5X faster).
  • Also fixes the Enhance Details slider not working as expected

Version 1.0.1a | February 2, 2023 (Adobe)

  • Windows: Fixes an issue with Microsoft latest runtime
  • Mac: Removes potential error with REVisionActivate and hostname mismatch

Version 1.0a | February 2, 2023 (FxPlug)

  • Mac: Removes potential error with REVisionActivate and hostname mismatch

Version 1.0.1 | November 8, 2022 (OFX)

  • Improvements for Baselight, Diamant, and Autograph

Version 1.0.1 | November 1, 2022 (Adobe)

  • Fixes an issue with floating licenses not working

Version 1 | October 4, 2022 (Adobe, OFX)

  • Initial Release
re:vision effects rezup overview tutorial

RE:Vision Effects: REZup Overview - Resize & Enhance

Learn how to use RE:Vision Effects REZup ReSize to increase your image quality, and REZup Enhance to upscale your video without loss of quality with this tutorial.  It also explains the workflows for After Effects and Autograph.


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