IMPORTANT NOTE: Projects created and/or saved in this version cannot be opened in the previous versions of RealityCapture. 


  • Real-time alignment assistant on a smart device with a local network processing (CLI users)
  • Now you can open and work with the same PPI scene on different computers
  • Support for high DPI monitors. Simply change zoom.
  • Automatic project saving
  • Resume model calculations after planned or unplanned closing of the app
  • CLI application can work without UI (“headless” mode)
  • Relative camera position uncertainty (ellipses) displayed in Accuracy report
  • Added option to create model classification from labeled images (experimental)

Selected new features:

  • Added an option to merge small parts when simplifying a model.
  • Added possibility to select 2Ds view in all views.
  • Application localization into Czech and Italian language.
  • Added possibility to use custom names for image layers.
  • Added possibility to rename created texture layers.
  • Added a table with parameters for the selected texture layer.
  • Sharper and more detailed models for scenes with high DOF and big redundancy.
  • The application now gathers and sends some basic statistic data in a form of an operation log file to improve user experience (can be disabled in the Application settings).
  • Map view now remembers multiple map provider credentials instead of allowing only one.
  • Map provider URL path can now be parametrized using a template.
  • Opened projects are now protected against accidental resaving from different instance or by a different user.
  • Added an option to display Slope for the selected ortho projection.
  • Reconstruction settings have been simplified.
  • Improvements to the search function in the built-in Help section.
  • Added possibility to choose layer used for texturing in the Color and Texture Settings.
  • Recently used email remembered when activating a license.
  • 2Ds view now shows selected Image layer.
  • Simplification factor in level of detail export panel is now specified as a percentage.
  • Clipping box now displayed with clue color.

Command Line Interface:

  • Added new CLI commands (headless, selectImages, setReconstructionRegionOnCps, scaleReconstructionRegion, moveReconstructionRegion, rotateReconstructionRegion).
  • “silent” command now suppresses also warning dialogs (e.g. Not enough video memory when displaying larger models in 3D).
  • Project path added as optional parameter for “save” command.
  • Added parameters to “load” command that handle opening autosaved projects.

Selected fixes:

  • Fix to Recompute model render data. Now possible to recompute the render data for the current model or to change the Max points to display directly.
  • Fix to exporting depth maps and ST maps.
  • Map view now displays offline tile cache, even in case of a network error.
  • Fixed camera rotation issues in Maya ASCII scene export.
  • Unwrap tool now generates textures with non-mirrored surface features.
  • Path to the normal map is now specified in the MTL file when exporting a model to OBJ.
  • Now possible to handle errors during activation via command line interface.
  • Image path nov visible in 2D view even after zooming the image.

Minor fixes:

  • Fix to ortho ruler display.
  • Fix ortho depth map artifacts at a detailed zoom level.
  • Removed “Don’t show me again checkbox” from the “Imported Model Is Dirty” dialog.
  • Fixed empty transformation preset list shown in camera export.
  • Fixed incorrect message shown when GPU driver is out of date.
  • Simplification factor in the Level of Detail Export dialog is now specified as a percentage.
  • Fixed progress bar flickering.
  • Fixed control points snapping when using the Define Distance tool.
  • Fixed behavior of “Less details” and “Show flags” checkboxes in 2Ds view.
  • Fixes to Map view credentials setup dialog.