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RealityCapture: How to create your first 3D model – 4 Part Series

realitycapture tutorial

In this 4 part series of tutorials, learn how to create a detailed 3D model in RealityCapture.  Jakub from Capturing Reality walks you through the whole process from beginning to end.

How to create your first 3D model | Part 1


  • 2:00 How to take the photos for your 3D model
  • 3:10 Preparing the captured images for processing
  • 6:25 Installing RealityCapture
  • 9:00 Importing images for geometry into RealityCapture
  • 10:04 How to switch between different layouts
  • 10:25 Brief introduction into Application User Interface
  • 13:39 Importing images for texture into RealityCapture
  • 13:52 How to switch between geometry and texture layer in 2D view
  • 14:20 Quick check of application settings


How to create your first 3D model | Part 2

In this part you are going to learn more about Alignment, setting of Ground plane and about Reconstruction region.

  • 00:15 How to Align the images
  • 02:00 How to group, un-group the images
  • 03:20 How to move with the model/point cloud inside of 3D view
  • 04:55 Second Alignment with un-grouped images 04:72 How to save the project
  • 05:48 How to set the Ground Plane
  • 10:28 How to adjust the Reconstruction Region

How to create your first 3D model | Part 3

In this part, you are going to learn more about Reconstruction of the 3D model, Cleaning it and Texturing it.

  • 00:13 Reconstruction of the 3D model
  • 00:28 Going through Reconstruction Settings
  • 01:33 Reconstruction in Normal Detail & Saving the Projec
  • t 01:40 Changing the layout
  • 02:00 Checking the model’s properties
  • 02:50 Use of Selection and Filtering tools
  • 06:10 Texturing of the 3D model

How to create your first 3D model | Part 4

In this part, you are going to learn more about the Simplification of the 3D model, use of the Reprojection tool, use of the Animation tool, Export the 3D model, and Upload the 3D model directly to Sketchfab.

  • 00:20 Simplification of the 3D model
  • 02:55 Reprojection tool & Manual unwrap
  • 03:48 Export of the 3D model
  • 06:52 Creating renders inside of RealityCapture
  • 07:05 Using Animation tool to create a video
  • 09:30 Export and Upload the 3D model directly to Sketchfab



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