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Artist Feature: Nicolas Lhomme #midweekmotivations

Artist Feature: Nicolas Lhomme

Do you know what we need more of in this world? Fun! Here’s A big dose of fun, colorful, and imaginative motion graphics work from Paris, France-based Creative, Design, Motion, Director Nicolas Lhomme. He has so much cool work on his website, that it was difficult to choose only a few to share. The pieces below show a diverse set of works.

Okoo Global Rebranding 2019

This is a French television offering for preschoolers and kids. So playful!


That vacuum has so much personality! This is the first piece of work from Nicholas that I saw and it was shared from a motion graphics account on Instagram.

Ziktruck Teaser

The description on his website explains “Teasers for a new music TV show taking place in french overseas territories, broadcast on 1ère channels.” I love the color palette and fun animation style.

Canal+ Afrique TDA Title Sequence, Jingles & Set Design

Nicolas Lhomme produces content for adults too! This is for a sports tv show.

Canal+ International Cacao Title Sequence

This is the opening for a tv show called Cacao directed by Alex Ogou. The show is an Ivory Coast-French Drama-Thriller about a family that runs a Cacao business. Cacao on IMDB.

Check out more work from Nicolas Lhomme

Nicolas Lhomme on Instagram
Nicolas Lhomme on Vimeo

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