Freebie Friday: Audio Freebies Roundup

Freebies: Audio Freebies Galore! Image credit: SplitShire

It has been a while since we’ve done an audio freebies roundup, so today we share a mishmash of cool audio-related stuff. Just a note that we do not support any of these products or links, so if they are no longer available in the future, you’ll have to track them down. We’re merely sharing the love.

I’ll also mention that if you need some quality audio tools that aren’t free, we got you covered! Toolfarm adds new audio plugins weekly and has almost 750 Audio plugins and tools available in our store.

Okay, onto the Audio Freebies!

SynthIV Luxon – Free synthesizer plugin (VST3)

Free Plugins listings at KVR Audio – LOADS of freebies are listed here. If this list is too overwhelming, take a look at the menu along the left under Free Audio Software. They break it down into Instruments, Synths, Effects, and the best of these categories.

Finding and Using Free Sound Effects

Oscar Magana wrote a Video Maker article several years ago on finding and using free sound effects and it includes some great ideas and advice. First, learn about Public Domain and Creative Commons licenses. Then, he explains where to find free sound effects and how to give credit when needed.

Free Drum Kits, Drum Loops & Samples

Wavbvkry has loads of fantastic freebies! I’m talking about Acoustic Drum Samples, finger snaps, hand claps, bongos, old-school drum kits, and more!

ossia score

ossia score is a sequencer for audio-visual artists, which probably describes you. Designed to create “interactive shows, museum installations, intermedia digital artworks, interactive music and more in an intuitive user interface.”

As far as licensing goes, ossia score uses the CeCILL license. Below, click the button to read more about what it does, licensing, and how to download and use it.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki