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Freebie: Battle Axe ButtCapper for After Effects

Freebie: Battle Axe ButtCapper for After Effects

Battle Axe ButtCapper is a super useful and FREE tool for modifying the caps of strokes. ButtCapper works in AE 6+. I love the description from Battle Axe:

The stroke cap selector Adobe kinda forgot. Change all stroke caps and joins faster than you can twirl open a single path. A powerful time-saver and a name that you can’t help laughing about.

Battle Axe

Battle Axe ButtCapper Video

More from Battle Axe

Battle Axe builds tools for working designers and animators, or as they like to say “brutal tools for design and animation.”

Battle Axe OverlordBattle Axe Overlord

Vector workflow salvation

Overlord lets you transfer Illustrator elements directly into After Effects without importing files. Text and gradients supported for the first time ever.

Compatible with After Effects and Illustrator CC2014+

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Battle Axe RubberHoseBattle Axe RubberHose

Animation rigging for everyone

Build bendy limbs with a click and set up full characters faster than you ever thought would be possible with Rubber Hose.

Compatible with Adobe After Effects C6+

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Battle Axe TimelordBattle Axe Timelord

Animating the hard way, but way easier

Transfer Photoshop and Animate layers directly into an After Effects comp and simplify frame-based animation, with Timelord. Use it as a full frame-by-frame pipeline, or the easiest way to add drawn elements to After Effects, or like Overlord for Photoshop.

Compatible with After Effects, Photoshop, Animate CC2019+

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Battle Axe AnubisBattle Axe Anubis

MP4 compression simplified

Get H.264 video compression from all Adobe video apps quicker than opening Media Encoder with Battle Axe Anubis.

Compatible with After Effects, Photoshop, Animate, Premiere Pro CC2019+

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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