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New: Diffusae Brings Stable Diffusion to After Effects

Diffusae Brings Stable Diffusion to After Effects

Introducing Diffusae, an exciting new plugin from Canadian developer BSKL, that empowers After Effects users with the power of Stable Diffusion! With Diffusae, users can explore and interact with generative AI directly within their favorite application. Now you can create limitless images without worrying about usage fees or subscription plans. Plus, installing and running this open-source software is easier than ever – just run it locally with no restrictions on how many images you can generate. So don’t wait – get inspired by Diffusae today and take your art to a whole new level.

Note: Diffusae is currently available for Windows only with the Mac version coming soon for Silicon-based Macs.

Diffusae Preview Video

Diffusae tutorial

Diffusae Banner Tutorial

Learn about how Diffusae was used to create the product banner, using imported footage. Learn how to add prompts, in this case, “Daft Punk Robots drinking coffee”.

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Stable Diffusion in Adobe After Effects

Introducing Diffusae – the plugin that brings the power of Stable Diffusion to After Effects. This plugin allows you to explore and interact with generative AI exactly where you need it – in your own timeline. With no usage fees or monthly subscription plans, Diffusae is designed for convenience and value. Installation and setup are a breeze with its simplified workflow that makes sure open-source software can be installed quickly on any computer without limitations on how many images can be generated. Take advantage of this innovative plugin today, and let Diffusae bring AI-powered creativity straight to your production process!

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