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Freebie: DLYM Delay Modulator

Freebie: DLYM Delay Modulator

Imaginando is giving away the DLYM, a free Delay Modulator plugin, which creates flanger and chorus-style effects. Developed with Imaginando’s powerful processing technology, DLYM makes it available for DAW applications for iOS, Mac OS (Universal), and Windows.

DLYM Features

  • 2 processing modes – ‘Analog emulation’ and ‘Dimension style’.
  • 6-time syncable modulation waveforms – Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Sample & Hold, and Filtered Sample & Hold.
  • Adjustable stereo spread.
  • Crossover/cutoff to control the frequency range of the effect.
  • Built-in preset/patch manager.
  • Available in a variety of plugin formats: AAX, AU, AUv3, VST

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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