Freebie: Aesthetic Vaporwave Drum Kit from BVKER

Freebie Aesthetic Vaporware Drum Kit from BVKER

Check out Aesthetic Vaporwave Drum Kit from BVKER, a free Vaporwave Drum Kit that is 80s inspired, and based on the sounds of drum machines that were commonly used in the era of my childhood. It comes jam-packed with everything you need. For example, get kicks, snares, claps, toms, and cymbals. BVKER based all of the sounds on drum machines of the past, such as E-MU, LinnDrum, Oberheim, or Roland.

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What is the Aesthetic Vaporwave Drum Kit from BVKER?

Since our 80s inspired packs always tend to become some of our most popular ones, we finally decided to offer a free one as well. We went through all drum shots from our first Synthwave sample pack, picked a bunch of cool Vaporwave samples and eventually came up with the free Aesthetic Vaporwave drum kit. All-in-all it contains 110 wav files, which can be used under a royalty-free license (just like all of our products or freebies). The entire kit comes at a 24 bit, 44.1kHz quality and every single file has been carefully sorted, named and normalized to ensure a quick and easy workflow.

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Freebie Friday: Born Kit for Trap and Hip Hop

While you’re here, check out another electrifying free drum kit from BVKER from last summer.

All files rendered as .wav, so you can use the entire Born kit in any DAW. In other words, it works no matter if you’re using FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, or anything else.

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Image credit: Cassette image from Gregory Wong Woong Ming via Unsplash.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki