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Freebie: All Recluse-Audio Products are Free!

recluse audio freebies

Recluse-Audio is offering all their audio products for FREE!  It is not clear if this will be a limited-time offer or permanent, so grab them now while you can!


Recluse-Audio is a sound design and digital signal processing software development company that makes intuitive sound design tools that are optimized for live performance. Recluse-Audio is owned by Ryan Devens. And right now, all Recluse-Audio products are available for free!

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Here’s a couple of the products Recluse-Audio has to offer:

recluse audio pulsarPulsar

Take your pops and clicks to a new level with this revamped pulsar train generator!  Enjoy the highest level of spectral precision that synthesis can offer.  All the transcendental tools of Curtis Roads, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and many more now at your fingertips.

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recluse audio reflectionsReflections

Simple, Easy, Sturdy, and low cost in processing power. Reflections is a powerhouse reverb/delay plugin that is designed to create swirling tails of hybrid digital signal processing. Consisting of a delay and a reverb module, Reflections allows the user to send audio between these modules. This creates a feedback loop between the delay and reverb which can enable ‘no-input’ mixing. Reflections was designed for vocal processing, and works exceptionally well when ‘ducked’ under the dry signal.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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