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Freebie: Fancy Colors After Effects Preset | The Waenderer

fancy colors freebie

Need help picking the right colors for your background, graphic, or footage?  Fancy Colors from The Waenderer offers 16 color pallets to help you find just the right color combo. And it’s free!

Fancy Colors

Fancy Colors is the answer when you scratch your head trying to find cool, nice color schemes for. your gradient, background, motion graphic… Apply Fancy Colors and go through the 16 fancy color palettes and with the power of Permutation, find THE right colors!  You can create your own custom palette too or go wild and use the Random Palette feature but, hey…It’s random.

Fancy Colors is a free preset for After Effects.  Works with After Effects CC 2017 and later.

Get Fancy Colors


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Creative Optical Effects

Get creative with optical effects, blurs, lights, and more with Diopter, a native Adobe After Effects plug-in.

Diopter is a plugin which adds optical effects (blur, distortion, coloration) on a layer. Choose a lens shape (a mask) among the in-built shapes or use another layer as Luma Matte. This lens may be transformed.

Apply different effects to the lens: fast blur, realistic blur, directional blur, trail, optical distortion, brightness, color, chromatic aberration. The overall intensity of the effect can be controlled, it’s also possible to apply a blend mode : Screen, Add, Multiply.

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Other Color Palette Creators

LetsMotion  Coco Color CoWorker

LetsMotion Coco Color CoWorker

Coco Color Coworker is your handy color coworker in After Effects.

Get Access to thousands of color palettes. Explore latest palette trends. Just search any color and get work-ready results or go ahead and customize one. The easiest place to get colors from your photos. Grab a color palette within an image for inspiration. Discover the best handpicked collection of beautiful color gradients too.

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Color Shift

Color Shift

Give your videos a new color palette

Give your videos some new colors with Color Shift by Haligonian. Color Shift allows After Effects users to remap hue, lightness, intensity, and more to a color gradient.

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