Freebie: Final Cut Freebies! Volume 1

Today we’re serving you up a big fat platter of Final Cut Pro freebies.  Are you looking for some free transitions or effects, or perhaps, free templates? We got em! FxFactory is represented in a big way. However, there are other fun and useful freebies in the mix.

Final Cut Freebies: Fade In Fade Out Transitions from Stupid Raisins

Check out this free Fade In Fade Out Transition for Final Cut Pro X from Stupid Raisins. Fade In and Out Effect is 100% free. Therefore, there is nothing to lose. Dylan Higginbotham from Stupid Raisins explains, “Fading in and out was one of the first transition effects ever used in filmmaking, and it’s just as effective today for seamlessly blending one clip into the next as it was all those years ago.” More

Download Fade In Fade Out Transitions here

More from Stupid Raisins

Stupid Raisins Block PopStupid Raisins Block Pop for FCP X

Block Pop is 23 customizable Final Cut Pro X transitions that break the first video into blocks and then transform into the second video.

Check out Stupid Raisins’ full catalog of products for Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Freebies: Interactive Keyboard Shortcuts Map

Become a Final Cut Pro  Ninja!

Knowing keyboard shortcuts for FCPX is essential for speeding up your workflow. This interactive keyboard map shows you all the default shortcuts for editing, effects, organization, and more. Select the shortcut you want and the interactive keyboard lights up, showing you exactly which buttons to press.

In fact, there’s even a search button to find the exact shortcut you want!

FCPX Keyboard Shortcuts
The Final Cut Pro interactive keyboard shortcuts map has 2 versions.  One for Final Cut Pro 7 and one for Final Cut Pro X.

Download Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: This is for English, UK English, and International English Mac keyboards,  with or without a numeric keypad.

Final Cut Freebies: Effects and Plugins Roundup by Jonny Elwyn

Johnny says

A popular post here on the blog is this one from about 2 years ago which rounded up a collection of free FCPX resources. I thought it was about time I updated it!  There are actually several different kinds of ‘effects’ in FCPX – transitions, clip effects, titles, generators, and video animation tools.

He talks about FxFactory Freebies, Free templates, free generators, and more.

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Final Cut Freebies: FxFactory

We alluded to FxFactory above and it deserves to be featured on its own. Download the free version of FxFacotry for loads of great freebies! Just download FxFactory Pro’s free trial from the product page.

FxFactory ProFxFactory Pro

FxFactory includes scads of fabulous filters, elegant effects, and easy-to-use generators. The option to design your own plug-ins to your own specifications is what makes FxFactory Pro unique.  Customize plugins to your needs for multiple hosts including Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and After Effects…. all without knowing how to create a single line of code!

Learn More


Freebies from FxFactory include:

  • FxFactory Manifesto
  • FxFactory Pan and Zoom
  • Andy Mees Gradient Filter
  • Andy Mees Region Tool
  • FxFactory Star Titler
  • FxFactory Timecode
  • Yanobox Barcode
  • Stupid Raisins Movie Pop
  • Andy Mees Safe Guides
  • Stupid Raisins Data Pop Free
  • Ripple Training 3D Title Animations
  • Premium VFX Automatitles Free
  • Luca Visual FX Random Text
  • Tokyo PiPinator Free
  • Dashwood Stereo3D Helpers
  • Fan Film FX Blaster Bolt Free
  • Andy Mees Elastic Aspect
  • Fan Film FX Saber Blade Free
  • Fan Film FX Space Wipes
  • Andy Mees Better 3D
  • Andy Mees Swish Transitions

To emphasize, here are a couple of videos about three of the freebies listed above.

Beyond the freebies, FxFactory and the developers that use their platform make exceptional plug-ins. Afterward, check out all of their free trials and pick up the ones you need at Toolfarm!

Miguel Equinox MOOvie Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro X!

Take a gander through a large group of free plug-ins and presets for Final Cut Pro X from Miguel Equinox.

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