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10 Free Cinema 4D Tools #FreebieFriday #10Free

10 Free Cinema 4D Tools

This week we’re featuring free Cinema 4D tools in our new Friday series, 10 Free. We’ll pick a topic and give you 10 freebies. Last week we featured 10 Free Audio Plug-ins.

Some of these are older tools and may not work with R21, but many will work in R21. We’ll make note of compatibility where we can. These are listed in no particular order.

1 Colorise

Compatibility: R21-R25

What it does: This plug-in simplifies changing a node’s color. Select the nodes and click on the color of your choice. This plugin gives you the ability to save and use custom color palettes, also. In addition, Colorise objects and add objects to layers. If you’re a Redshift user, the Colorise Plug-in works with Redshift’s shader graph editor nodes.

Download: Aturtur Colorise

2 CV-Dynamic Connector

Compatibility: R19 and greater

What it does: The CV-Dynamic Connector allows you to connect objects together with hinges, springs, and “nails”. Make things like chains, folds, and more.

Download: CV-Dynamic Connector

Note: This one is free but requires a Cineversity subscription.

3 Horope

Compatibility: Tested on R18 and R19. This one does not appear to be updated for more current versions of Cinema 4D, but I have not tested it to find out. If you have a newer version of Cinema 4D, try using the INSYDIUM BRIDGE plugin, below. It allows users to load plugins from R12 to R19 and enables them to work in R20 to R25

What it does: Pasha Ho’s Horope is a Python script-based plugin that allows you to create and animate dynamic ropes.
Via Lester Banks

Download: Horope

4 Cactus Dan’s CD Tools

Compatibility: R14 – R24

What it does: Insydium, maker of X-Particles, is carrying on the CD Tools legacy from Cactus Dan, after he passed away a few years ago. The CD Tools work with the use of Insydium Plug-in Bridge. The CD Tools are great for character rigging in Cinema 4D.

Download: CD Tools

5 Insydium Plug-in Bridge

Compatibility: R20-R21

What it does: Mentioned above, load plugins from R12 to R19 and enable them to work in R20 to R25

Download: Plugin Bridge updated link

6 Alpha Pixel Drop to Floor

Compatibility: Tested and working with C4D R14-R25.

What it does: Drop To Floor is a one-click solution for taking any object or hierarchy you select and dropping its lowest point to the top of the workplane letting you easily create a floor plane without your object intersecting. This works with any polygon, primitive, generator, deformer, or any other object as well.”

Download: Drop to Floor

7 Hot4D Ocean Generator

Compatibility: R14-R21 (Try the INSYDIUM Bridge plugin if you want to use it with newer versions of Cinema 4D).

What it does: Hot4D is a wave-generating plugin for Cinema 4D, created by Drew Whitehouse. It allows users to give projects a deep ocean look.

Download: Hot4D

Have a more involved need for fluids in your Cinema 4D projects? Check out Realflow!

Next Limit RealFlow | Cinema 4DNext Limit RealFlow | Cinema 4D

Fluids Inside Your Platform

RealFlow | Cinema 4D gives you the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow.

Learn More

To download a trial version, click on the product page.



8 Motion Drop

Compatibility: Requires Cinema 4D 13 or above, and the Mograph module

What it does: Motion Drop allows users to make up to 6 “drops” that randomly move around each other. This is not technically free but a “name your price tool” and 1€ is the minimum.

Download: Motion Drop

9 Reeper

Compatibility: R20 & R21. They also have older versions that work with R8.5 through R19.

What it does: Like Horope, Reeper is a rope maker for Cinema 4D. Reeper is the German word for Ropemaker.

Download: Reeper

10 Net Creator

Compatibility: R16-R20? Unsure but it doesn’t appear to work with newer software.

What it does: Net Creator gives the look of glowing splines, working as a Generator Object in Cinema 4D. It is open-source and it also supports Thinking Particles.

Download: Net Creator

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