Freebie Friday: Free 3D Model Scans From Artec 3D

free 3d models artec 3d

Check out these free 3D Scans created using Artec 3D technology – models for industrial design, medical, science and education, and art/design purposes.

Industrial Design and Manufacturing – includes dual-clutch gearbox, motorcycle engine/ wheel, airplane, radiator grille, and more…

Medical – includes human skeleton, eye, face / head scan, foot mold, plaster cast of teeth, and more…

Science and Education – includes stegosaurus skeleton, flower, puffer fish, bovine heart, skulls, and more…

Art and Design – includes a model of Napoleon, grey armchair, werewolf, chair, dagger, copper key, and more…

Need 3D software to load and manipulate these models?

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Posted by Alicia