Freebie: Cinema 4D: NAVIÉ Effex is Now Free

Freebie: Cinema 4D: NAVIÉ Effex is Now Free

NAVIÉ Effex, the complex physics-based simulation framework for Cinema 4D, is now being offered for free.

Lesterbanks talks about NAVIÉ Effex in more detail:

The plugin was a unified simulation framework that handled every type of physical simulations and volume modeling that included fluids, particles and more…

Effex was an intriguing idea for Cinema 4D: A framework where you can create any manner of visual effect or mix and match VFX and not have to worry about operability. Likely workflows have changed in Cinema 4D thanks to recent advancements with X-Particles which has included cloth, smoke, liquid and other visual effects systems from ExplosiaFX.

Still, if you are interested in dynamic simulation and visual effects platforms, Navie Effex might be worth a look.

Read Lesterbanks' full post here.  Thanks for sharing.

You can download NAVIÉ Effex Simulation Framework for Cinema 4D here.

Update – 6/13/2018

The repository has been deleted. However, you can still get Navie for free here: https://github.com/mikeerla/Effex-for-C4D

Thanks for sharing, mikeerla.


Posted by Kim Sternisha