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Freebie: Free HDRI Resources: 360° HDRI Skies from HDRI-Skies

Freebie: Free HDRI Resources: 360° HDRI Skies from HDRI-Skies

HDRI-Skies offers tons of free 360° HDRI Skies (2048x1024px res) for all times of day from dusk to dawn.

About HDRI-Skies and their free 360° Skies:

Young CG Creators. Our idea is to support the realization of junior CG artist’s projects by sharing all of our HDR sky maps 2048x1024px res. totally for free and for commercial use. We remember that sharing is caring.

CG workflow. We try to help optimize the CG artist’s workflow, by giving the ability to quickly test and check the quality of all our HDRi maps, before buying and downloading them in full size.

Scaled-down, free 2048x1024px HDR images, are recommended for quick 3D workflows. They deliver the same shading results as sharp, full-size and high-res paid sky maps.

Compatibility. These HDR files work with all leading packages: Maya, 3ds MAX, LightWave 3D, Blender, Modo, Cinema 4D, and many others.

13000×6500, 15000×7500 and 20000×10000 versions of the skies are also available for purchase.

View all the Free HDRI Skies here


hdri skies

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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