Friday Freebie: idustrial Revolution XEffects Worship Text

worship text freebie

idustrial Revolution XEffects Worship Text is a free animating title plugin for Final Cut Pro that displays a passage of text.  Doesn’t have to be a biblical passage though.  Any long quote will work, so it’s suitable for personal, corporate or broadcast use too!

The idea of the FCP plugin is to just copy and paste a section from the Bible and paste it into the text box, the plugin does the rest!

  • Selectable on/off animations
  • Can be onscreen for any length
  • Adjust vertical size of panel
  • Text can be any size, any colour and in any font
  • Adjustable back panel transparency for contrast
  • 4K Ready

Get the Free XEffects Worship text


worship text example

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idustrial revolution offers lots of FCPX plug-ins.  While they’re not free, they won’t kill your budget either.  And the best part is, they all have a free demo (through FxFactory) so you can try before you buy.  Here’s a few I thought you might like:

idustrial revolution Volumetrixidustrial revolution Volumetrix

Produces stunning light effects and transitions with glows, glints and distortions

Building on its huge success, Volumetrix2 now brings new gorgeous glows, glints and distortions all with the unique animating reveal. These stackable new effects are available within both the filter and transition plugin.

Learn MoreTry idustrial revolution Volumetrix for free!

idustrial revolution XEffects Glass Panelsidustrial revolution XEffects Glass Panels

Clean Stylish Transparent Overlays for Final Cut Pro X

All panels and full-screens have multiple on/off animations and completely customizable text. Combine with moves to build sophisticated moving presentations whilst displaying text and pictures. Fully customizable text, drop zone overlays, background zoom, blur, tint & brightness along with the bevel edge.

Learn MoreTry idustrial revolution XEffects Glass Panels for free!

idustrial revolution XEffects Messagesidustrial revolution XEffects Messages

Designed to emulate an SMS, iMessage, Facebook or WhatsApp chat.

XEffects Messages are a set of Final Cut Pro X plugins that emulate an onscreen conversation via SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp.

NEW! Messages 2 adds tracking to individual messages and message conversations

Learn MoreTry idustrial revolution XEffects Messages for free!


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Posted by Kim Sternisha