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Event: Half Rez 10 – TOMORROW Friday, Sept 8th @ Chop Shop in Chicago!

Half Rez 10 2023

Toolfarm is a proud sponsor of Half Rez 10, the 10th-anniversary event celebrating the fantastic motion artists, designers, producers, students, and studios that make Chicago and the Midwest the community it is.

Who is Half Rez for?

Friendly, fun, professional people in the motion design industry! Motion designers, animators, designers, producers, studios, and new students!

This year the nighttime event will focus entirely on the celebration part of Half Rez! This way everyone can focus on networking, games, prizes, cubes, food, and drinks!

If you love the educational part of a traditional Half Rez it’s different this year. We’ve teamed up with the Design and Animation Tour! To catch some amazing presentations and panel discussions all morning and afternoon, get a Full Rez ticket! Also, be sure to check out our collaboration with Sarofsky Labs the next day!

Half Rez Details

September 8, 2023
Chop Shop, Chicago

Upcoming Events

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